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Kelsey Z.

RCM Grade 10 - I'm free!!! ARCT here I come!

January 22, 2006 at 5:57 AM

*takes deep breath*'s done. yay!!! It didn't go as well as I had hoped (does it ever?) but I think considering all the factors and circumstances I had going against me it went alright and I am confident that I got above the required percentage (75%) to officially pass and now am able to attempt the ARCT Diploma in Performance and Teaching. Really though, there is nothing like going to bed at 9 so you can sleep until 6 (that's a whopping 9 hours of sleep..more than I usually get) and I finally fall asleep around 9:30ish my cd player goes haywire and wakes me up around 10:30, asleep again around 11....some other mysterious noise wakes me up at about 11:30...midnight I'm asleep again, and wouldn't you know it, but nature calls and yet another mysterious noise calls at my door at 4:15am. My sleep ends there. Yes...right...this is all going brilliantly well for an early morning exam. I reluctantly get up at shortly after 6 when my alarm clock goes off and hop in the shower....warm water is so welcoming when you are tired....What's this? Why does my hand feel sore and tingly? Hmm...not a happy sign. 7am rolls around and after being convinced everything is against me (my never-fail hair-do that takes no time at all wouldn't even work for me) I start to try and cram some food into me. I feel sick. The bizarre thing was I never was truly nervous I was just not having a good day. So finally, everything is together and my parents and I climb in the car and head out ...Mom even had a heated water pack for my hands... a little over an hour later we arrive at the destination of my exam. Finally! Pardon? There's no where to warm up that can't be heard in the sanctuary where the exam is taking place? Ok....*grumbles*...I then grab a practice mute and plunk my way down the stairs into the basement and into a bathroom that's as far away from the sanctuary as possible and begin to warm up. Good, that works. Something has gone right!! Yay! I go upstairs when my time draws near to play. At least there is a welcome face...a fellow musician from the Okanagan Symphony! She had a student playing before me who it turns out I also know. I get to go in and do my exam...the first thing I notice is the piano. I'm playing the Barber concerto...a Beethoven Sonata and the Vitali Ciaccona and I get a junky upright that is smaller than studio model that is out of tune and you can't hear above a mf on the violin. Joy! This could be fun...the technique about we don't go there? Some of it went alright but my violin would not speak for a bunch of the stuff and I kept doing the opposite of what was asked for some reason. I was not with it. My brain and thoughts were unmuddled though when it came to pieces and studies and orchestral excerpts and on a whole the rest of my exam went well. The most disappointing thing for me was that the only piece I got to play all the way through with no cuts was my Bach. I knew it was a possibility but it seemed extreme...even the Vitali Ciaccona I had almost 2 pages be cut out. Now the wait begins to see my mark. Will I pass? *scary music plays*

As is tradition with my family after a big music exam, we get to pick a resturant of choice (within certain guidelines) to have a meal at after the examination has taken place. The place I had been looking forward to eating at for a couple of weeks now was a Thai resturant with THE BEST Thai food that I've ever had. When we got to the resturant it said "Closed for holidays Jan.18-Feb 3" WHAT???????????????? *sits on the curb and cries* Back-up plan...Red Robin's....wasn't the same...but they did have a funky Japanese dish that I tried and quite enjoyed. From there on my day got better and better. After roaming around Costco for awhile and picking up some things I need for work and school and just general household things my parents and I hit the road for home. We stopped at a&b sound and I picked up SEVEN cd's for anyone want to take a guess? 30 dollars! They are trying to clear out their classical music some Brahms and Schubert Symphonies now grace my music collection along with Piston, Szymanovski, Elgar and Delius Concertos...a Beethoven piano concerto and his Triple Concerto....and even some sonatas by Prokovieff. The artists include Szeryng, Sammons and Buswell among others. After my stock up on cds (now I really do need a new shelf for my cds) my parents and I stopped at one of my favourite places to pick up clothes and some other random supplies. MTF...I haven't a clue what it stands for. It's basicly the re-sale of left-over stock from different retail outlets. I have been in need of a new pair of paints that aren't the same pair of blue jeans as the last ones .... (I have two identical pairs of both jeans and black pants...they are starting to get really worn and my friends bug me that i don't own anything else) so I was lucky to find these comfortable, dress up and dress down type pants that are a deep purple. They are stretchy and SO COMFORTABLE. And only 18 bucks!!! And!!!! On top of that it was buy one get one free so I found this gorgeaus, really fuzzy blue sweater and got that thrown in for free!!! are probably all starting to hit the keyboard by now...I know I am....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

From alicelizard s.
Posted on January 23, 2006 at 1:15 AM
Congratulations, Kelsey! Glad to hear it went well.

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