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Kelsey Z.

January 26, 2005 at 6:45 AM

What a long week. I knew it was going to be long, I just didn't realise, how long.

Rehearsals began last Wednesday for the symphony tour. I had re-schedueled my students that I needed to from that day to Tuesday, so a long day going into the tour. The afternoon rehearsals I felt very good about overall. My music, for the most part, was well learned and under my fingers despite the short amount of time I had had to prepare the music. I started having problems with a cough at the end of the afternoon rehearsal and by time 9:30pm rolled around I was pretty convinced I was sick.

The hotel I was staying at was really nice. It had a pool and a hot-tub, both of which I made breif use of. I had taken some cough medicine late Wednesday night after arriving at the hotel after the afternoon of rehearsals, and had a hot shower, which felt really nice on sore, achey muscles. I felt fine, more or less, when I woke up but after a swim I started to become rather dizzy and nauseaus feeling. Not fun. Even less fun when you know in the back of your head that is' "x" many of hours before you are supposed to begin another long afternoon of rehearsals.

I am not totally sure how I managed to get through the afternoon that day, but my gosh, the body is a resiliant thing. It knew I had a job to do, and it gave me enough grace to let me do it and not be fighting nausea or dizziness. This of course meant that my dinner break and time not playing in rehearsals or concerts was pretty miserable, but at least I didn't have to deal with it while I was having to play and perform.

Friday, I felt pretty awful first thing in the morning, but by time I rolled out of bed to get ready to to go the open dress rehearsal and concert I was feeling a little more perky. Both those went very well from my own personal playing perspective. Saturday I felt for the most part alright aside from the cough but the concert unfortunately did not go so well for me. I was just really not totally with it the whole evening, and we had lighting problems on the stage so that was a bit distracting. I was kind of mad with myself for not doing better, but I guess we all have our off nights.

Sunday evening's performance, for me, went quite well overall. I was feeling the most sick that I had felt for any of the concerts and for some strange reason is had me being totally more alert and in control of what I was doing then at the other two performances. I had a few tense spots where I was trying incrediably hard to not cough and by the end of the concert I was playing with all new, painful sensations that I had never before associated with playing violin.

The show must go on. I got through the weekend and tour and I'm still alive today! Yay! I guess it was a character building experience. In what way, I'm not totally sure yet, maybe the "I know I can do it if I haven't a choice" factor is a positive thing to have recieved from the past several days. I do know it brought some really stressful moments for me and some times of self doubt.

I'm back to school and teaching now. I'm starting to get better and I only have one major exam left this exam session so hurrah!!

I have a couple of weeks now to get ready for the next character building experience - 7 performances, 4 cities, 3 days and the chance to educate kids in music, so the character building aspect will make the very full few days worth it.

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