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Kelsey Z.

August 14, 2004 at 3:42 PM

I took three days off of the violin, viola and piano this week. I was feeling a tad burnt out after a busy weekend with lots of repertoire being played for a wedding and then still working hard on all my usual stuff. Those few days off were good and I'm happy to be back to playing again!

Last weekend I played at a wedding. It was outdoors which always presents it's challenges. The setting was very beautiful, and lucky for me I got to be under a beautiful vine covered arbour which kept me in the shade and blocked the wind to a certain extent. My biggest problem ended up being a wasp. It liked landing in the cup of my left hand while I played and seemed to like my lip gloss ( of the rare times I wear some makeup and it attracts wasps....). The wasp I think got irritated with me and he bit me (didn't sting). It really hurt! Luckily when they bite you it only hurts for a breif momemt or two. After about one piece's worth of being bugged by this bug my uncle (who I didn't know was going to be there) came over to take a picture and he noticed my issues with the wasp. He kindly squished the wasp with his bare hands and disposed of him. Finally! Now I could get back to playing. The only problem after that was conviently right as the processional started. I had a quick page from one piece into another and wasn't able to pin anything down, and conviently the wind decided to blow my music around. Two of the three pages were pinned down, so once playing to a part I knew I could get away with open strings on I flipped my music back and put my scroll on top of the one loose page. It worked and the rest of the ceremony went great!

Yesterday I went for a rehearsal for another wedding. This one will be indoors which will be nice. It's in a nice old stone church. I haven't played in that church since I was 8! It was kind of coincidental because it was just a few weeks ago that I was thiking about that church and wondered what the acoustics would be like. Having not played there since I was 8, I don't remember what it was like and being a very nervous performer then it's doubtful I would have even noticed how good/bad the acoustics were. It turns out it has pretty nice acoustics! The ceiling is all wood paneling which adds to the resonance of the big church. What I'd really like to do is play some Bach in there. My ride was quite late yesterday and had I known I would have just stayed inside and played a bit, but oh well! Another time. I'm sure it won't be the last time I play in that church.

Taking a few days off was a nice thing to do. I had a friend come down and stay with me. We went tubing down the river channel in town to cool off one day and just had a good time! I think I benefitted from taking the time off when I did. I was feeling a tad burnt out and was feeling like I needed a break so the time of everything was very good. I'm happy and excited to be back to playing again though. I think taking time off before you get too burned out is a good thing and it helps keep you more fresh and makes you less likely to burn out because you've taken that nessecary reprive before you get too frustrated with and tired of playing.

It's only a few weeks until school starts up again. Crazy! It's going to be an interesting year. I'm going to what some people would call "real school". I've been homeschooled for a really long time but have decided to take a couple of courses at the highschool while doing the rest by correspondance. This should hopefully allow me to still have the majority of my time devoted to my music. We'll see how things shape up though!

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