March 2003

March 13, 2003 11:53

Well I was supposed to have my violin lesson yesterday, but sadly my teacher was sick and couldn't teach. Oh, well it will give me time to catch up on some stuff. I have a piano lesson today, and will be working on some of the requirments for my upcoming exam. After this exam I will have the requirments I need in piano to got to the University I want to go to as well as to get my performers diploma! Yay!! I'm looking forward to a mini recital I will be doing in two weeks time and am trying to finalise what I want to play so far in the running is he Dvorak Sonatina, Grieg's C minor sonata the 2nd movement, Liebesleid by Kresiler, and a charming Mazurka by Wieniaski to top it off, I'm only supposed to play for around a half hour so this should be about the right length and it's a realitively light program without to much serious stuff.Well not much new since last time!

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March 10, 2003 13:52

Well the tour is over, and I'm back to doing solo and chamber music stuff until the mid summer. The tour overall went really well, and my conducting went not to bad at all! The first concert I accidently conducted one bar in three as oposed to 4 and it threw the orchestra off for a few bars at the second concert the first violins were a bar late, and by time we got to the last concert, it went almost perfectly with only minor intonation flaws. One of the concerts was recorded and so I will be getting a cd of the concert! I'm looking forward to when I will get to hear the my piece without having to be playing or conducting! It was kind of an interesting "spring" tour as during the first concert we got quite a dump of snow. Some of us had a snowball fight which was great fun! I haven't had one of those in awhile, and before one of the concerts I got to play a bit of fooseball with a couple of musician friends! We all had so much fun, took lots of pictures, played a lot of hours, met lots of people, and just had a great time! I can hardly wait until next season. I'm going to miss all my friends that I played with this year, and many aren't going to be back next year, but many will return for yet another season. Now the next thing is getting ready for a short recital that I will be playing later this month, and whatever else might come my way, as well as a piano exam.
I'm looking forward to getting back into the proper practice routine again, and all the fun repertoire that comes with it! Well I will close for now. Bye!

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March 6, 2003 19:28

I Won! I can hardly belive it! I played so well and just had a great time playing! I wish I had played more, but oh, it was fun. I got some great comments from the adjudicator and got really positive feedback. Sadlt my teacher wasn't able to make it. She came right at first, but had to leave as it was running a bit late, so she didn't get to hear me play. It was a memorable unaccompanied Bach moment for me!

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March 5, 2003 12:19

Well today is the day! I'm on at 3:15. I'll leave home in a couple of hours so that I have time to warm up. I'm quite excited although I'm a tad nervous because of the fact that it's Bach that I'm playing, and Bach is never easy. I get so much enjoyment out of Bach though, and I hope it goes well, and if not? Well does that matter? not really, I don't care if I win or lose, I just want to have fun, and hopefully get some positive feedback on my playing. Previous years when I have played in this competition I look around at some of the other competitors and they all look so nervous about it, and when they play it usually reflects that, and I think how lucky I am to have battled the nerves, and am able to just loosen up and have fun!

I've been practicing my conducting, and it's going well, except the page turns are all in bad places. Why did I have to write it like that? It's funny conducting my own piece, I, up until last week had only ever played in it, so it's really neat to hear whats going on from a conducters point of view as opposed to following the conducter and just trying to play what's in front of me. I think I'm loosening up a bit though which is good. Conducting has always been an interest of mine behind closed doors, so I'm excited that I get to try it, and see how I like it.
-If any body who has conducted before reads this please feel free to e-mail me with any advice-
I hope lot's of people show up at all the concerts. It's always such a shame when everyone works hard and the halls are nearly empty.It's been well advertised so we should get a good show. (keeping fingers crossed!)

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March 4, 2003 22:14

Well it has been an interesting few days. I am now conducting my own composition for the upcoming symphony tour, which I'm quite nervous, but excited about! We have an amazing program set up with a slue of great soloists! I'm really looking forward to connecting with the audeince at intermission and after the concerts. I really love doing that and finding out how they enjoyed or didn't enjoy the concert! My competition is tomorrow and I can hardly wait to get up there and play my solo Bach! I hope it goes well. I am the only competitor in my part of the competition, which is a first in a long time! I just love performing, and am happy that my teacher will be there along with some relatives to see me play!

I'm really falling in love with Kelly-Marie Murphy's music. It's so beautiful and has a sound that is so original and beautiful. I love her cello concerto, and Huron Carol alot but all her other stuff is great too! I can hardly wait until a CD of her stuff is realeased. Another Great composer of today that I have also fallen in love with the music of is Christos Hatzis! His work "Constaninople" for piano trio and two vocalists is just an amazing work and is so well written and you never get bored of it! The movement "Old Photographs" which is just for the piano trio, is full of so many great musical ideas, and it's my favorite movement! Well it's getting late here and I have a competition tomorrow so I will sign off for now.

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