March 2010

When Everything Goes PERFECT!

March 20, 2010 16:14

 Picking up your violin, you wipe the rosin dust of yesterday from the beautifully varnished wood.  Upon placing the instrument between your chin and shoulder you pull the bow across the string, to commence to tuning...soon realizing when you're done that you didn't turn a single peg!  Perfect way to start the day.  From then, you run through scales with ease like a delicately trained athlete, blowing past the competition.  Hours have past through the course of three scales, after checking numerous times that the notes you've played are absolutely perfect.  Etude's are nearly flawless as your fingers in the right spot you pick up the pace. Soon you're flying across the finger board pounding every note with the strength of Goliath (ok, that's an exaggeration).  The vibrato is even and fitting to each etude.  From then, you move to your pieces.  Two selections from your teacher, two contrasting pieces, and contrasting eras!  You're absorbed into the music, more-so than usual.  You feel as if you are the music!


That's what today has felt like to me!  Ok...not EVERYTHING was perfect, but it felt like it.  I have enjoyed practicing today, much more than I normally do.  I haven't practiced my pieces yet :(.  But I'm hoping they goes as well as everything else!!!!  AND...I've already put it 3 & 1/2 hrs!!!

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Can It Be Done?

March 11, 2010 12:53

Ok...something lately has just been getting me to practice.  I don't know what it is, but I like it!  Maybe it's listening to Janine Jansen's Beethoven Concerto...IDK!!  But, along with this practicing, I've been doing lots of research on concertos I don't normally listen to...beethoven, Brahms, Lalo, Mozart No. 5.  And I'm just wondering if I could get "started" on one of these by the time I graduate from undergrad.  As of right now, I'm working on Biber's "Passacaglia"...and I almost have it done.  I don't really know how close it is in difficulty.  Judging from ya'lls experience...would it be possible to get started on ONE movement from  ONE of these concertos?  Given I only have about 4 hours to practice a day.



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