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January 2009

Can Hilary sign my cast?: my daughter's request

January 27, 2009 08:35

After having her right arm in a cast for two weeks, my daughter went back to the doctor to have it removed for x-rays and examined again to see if it was broken.

Both my daughter and I had discussed prior to this visit that if it was healed that she would continue to wear a brace or wrap to further protect it until it felt "really good."

I could tell by the look on the doctor's face the news wasn't good. He said that in the initial evaluation they couldn't tell for sure if it had broken, but after the x-ray they could tell by the scar tissue that she had broken the radius bone next to her growth plate. Another cast would have to be put on for another 3 weeks.

Solo and ensemble contest is this weekend along with auditions for chairs for her youth orchestra. She has decided to go ahead with both and is hoping for the best chair that she can get in her orchestra. She told me that she has figured out how to play spiccato?? bowings. From what I can hear in the practice room it sounds pretty good; she just can't play fast.

I did promise her (many months ago)  that we would go see Hilary Hahn when she comes to Indianapolis in a couple of weeks. As they placed the second cast on, she asked me "Hey, Can Hilary sign my cast?"..

I can't tell you what will happen over the next few weeks while waiting for healing. But I will tell you that this in no way has slowed her down.


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January 13, 2009 05:56

Yesterday, my daughter got a cast on her right wrist as a precaution for what the doctors call growth plate injury. They said it wasn't broken, but wanted to cast to stabilize the injury. The cast will be on for two weeks, then removed for x-rays and if broken recasted if not all clear.

She has been give permission from her doctor to practice violin and since it has been 3 days since the beginning of the injury she welcomed the time to practice.

However, when she got out her violin, she became disappointed. She could only draw about 1/3 of the bow and the lack of flexability in her wrist caused the bow to draw an unwelcome sound to her. Practice ended up with tears and of course disappointment.

She did, again, get out her violin and practice again. She told me after the practice that she had decided to work over the next two weeks on intonation, shifting and vibrato... all left hand and not stress too much on the right hand.

This comes at a really bad time for her considering that regional solo contest is at the end of the month and her chair auditions for youth symphony come before the cast comes off.

She says that the injury has put things in prospective for her.


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I think my daughter broke her wrist; again

January 11, 2009 11:24

When I picked my daughter up from school on Thursday, I asked her about her left arm. She had just had a flu shot that afternoon. What I got, was tears.

She explained to me that she had put her right arm up as a natural reflex to prevent a kicked volleyball from coming at her head. The ball smacked her in the hand causing her  right wrist to flex backward and hyperextend. Her wrist was swollen and a little bruised. I wouldn't have much concern, except she has broken the same wrist three years ago rollerskating.

I took her to her doctor Friday and she said to splint and wait a few days before taking the x-ray. This is the third day since the accident and but it is more swollen and hurts the same as "last time" I will take her to get x-rayed tomorrow. As a mom, to me, it feels like it is broken. :(

::sigh:: I guess this is better than talking to a facial surgeon or dental if she wouldn't have stopped the ball with her hand :) I am trying to see the bright side.




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And the winner is.....

January 4, 2009 14:23

About three weeks ago, my daughter was notified that she was one of five finalists in a concerto competition sponsored by her youth orchestra. The finalists were choosen from the whole state of Indiana. It wasn't until after I saw the list of performance concertos... that I started to freak out. Her finals consisted of a piano solo by Grieg, one violin concerto by Wieniawski another by Bruch and a cello concerto by Saint-Saens. I thought to myself, "How could my daughter's Haydn Concerto in G compare to those concertos?

During the weeks that followed, both my daughter and I concluded that it was indeed a true honor to be placed in the finals.


When we walked into the warm-up room, the sound of strings filled the room. It was then when, to my surprise, negative thoughts filled my head. "What are we doing here?" But I quickly shook them off and immediately turned to my daughter who looked like she had the same concern. I looked her in the eyes and told her that she can't worry about the others in the room; she must block them out to practice on her own.

Her performance went really well. She played really clean and accurate. She really did her personal best and she was proud of herself.

In the end, she won 3rd place; which both her and I were REALLY happy!

Now, if I could only afford a nice violin... ahh that's another blog :)

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Dropping Time

January 2, 2009 08:54

Over this last week, I have come to realize that sports and music are share simularities. After all, they are both disciplines?

My youngest daughter, who is 10, swims on a team that competes year-round. She attends practice about 3-4 times a week. The coaches don't encourage "winning" races, but encourage them to swim their best  to drop time. My daughter so far has dropped 15 seconds off her 100 freestyle; that's four laps in the pool!

I was on the cross-country team in high school. I wasn't the fastest runner by any means. In fact, I came in last almost all the time. One of the reasons why I ran was to spend more time with my dad who was the coach. He didn't really care who won the race, as long as we did our personal best. Some of my best memories weren't about the race itself, but knowing that I truly did the best I could.

My oldest daughter will be competing in finals for a concerto competition tomorrow. After her lesson this week, the words of her teacher rang clear to me. "Don't worry about what anyone else is doing. What matters its that you play the best for yourself."

After her lesson this week, on the way home, my daughter and I have discussed about doing her best, having fun (because isn't that what it is all about?) and "dropping time."

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