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December 2008

The Quest: finding the perfect dress

December 28, 2008 13:40

My daughter has made it to the finals in a local concerto competition held next weekend. Since she has grown like 4 inches since last year, she desperately needs a dress for the competition. My qualifications for that perfect concert dress are: Must be floor length, must be age appropriate and fit our budget... not too hard right?? well...

We spent the majority of yesterday going from store to store to find that perfect dress. The places at the mall were too expensive; I mean I am all for paying some money but $698.00 was too steep for a dress to be worn once. It's not like she is getting married :) The other places we looked were department stores that either didn't have anything or were "too old" for her. I guess girls don't wear dresses like they used to at Christmas... dating myself, I know.

Worn out from our shopping trip... and from getting lost on the 465 IN loop like 5 times, we finally came to another store... where we finally found, not one, but two beautiful dresses that fit my demanding criteria. The reason why we purchased both was I liked one, and my daughter liked the other and the price was right.... $5 a piece... don't ask :) I will post pics later and you can decide if I made a good purchase.

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Illinois Gov arrested

December 9, 2008 13:02

I have lived in Illinois for 38 years, ten of which were spent in the capital city of Springfield. So, it wasn't any surprise to me that Governor Rod Blagojevich was arrested today on corruption charges.

At first, when I heard the news I was excited, happy; finally they are doing something that should have been done years ago.

Now that I live in Indiana, I can really feel for the state of Illinios; going through another government that is full of corruption while still living through the previous 8 years with Gov. Ryan.

You can read the article yourself... sorry about being political.

IMHO the state of Illinois got an early Christmas present... however they still have the credit card bill to deal with :(


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I take back my blogs:)

December 8, 2008 14:57

My daughter for the last couple of weeks has been anticipating on getting a new solo. When her teacher asked her if she had ever played a Baroque piece; the answer was "no". I guess that I didn't understand his accent, because when he handed me the piece (to be copied temporarily) it said Bruch.... opus 26 in g minor.

I thought to myself; surely, this isn't the same piece that I have the CD copy of Midori playing. I didn't know what the first movement sounded like, but I do favor the 3rd movement... so I glanced at it while my daughter finished up with her lesson. Yes, there it was, black and white (and yellow). I asked her teacher, "Are you really sure about this... it looks hard!" His response was, "Well, sometimes you have to throw them in the water, to see if they can swim."

As you my know, I have been trying not to interfere with her practicing.... but this is really going to be hard for me. I didn't really know what to expect with such a hard piece... so I thought. She really loves it! far.

Also, she just got word that she is a junior finalist in the Young Artist Concerto Competition which is sponsored by the New World Youth Orchestras of Indianapolis. This is a state competition. It is truly an honor for her.

Please wish me luck... so far I have been really good! And so has she!



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Music and language: Is there a connection?

December 2, 2008 11:44

My daughter was very excited about learning a language this year at school; she chose Spanish. I was amazed how quickly she has been learning the language, it comes very natural to her.

When I talked to her Spanish teacher at conferences, she was surprised to hear that it was her first year of a language class; she thought that she was at least in her second year.

One time, in gym class, my daughter told one of her friends in Mandorin Chinese that "he was crazy". He did a double-take and ask her to say it again. He went on to tell her that she was the first of his American friends to actually get the accent perfect and told her to say something else.

Lately, I have been thinking about the connection that music has in language development. Because language is based on pitch flucuation; do we, as musicians, have an advantage when it comes to learning language? Is that why my daughter seems to pick up on the Mandorin Chinese language (which I find difficult) so well?

What are your thoughts and what have been your experiences/stories?

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Because I said so

December 1, 2008 09:01

Aww .... the first day of school after Thanksgiving break. I wish that I could have played this in the morning. Both my kids about missed the bus to school UGH. This sums up morning, plus it is to William Tell.

I know that some of you have already seen this... but ever since I have gotten High Speed, I can't get enough YouTube.

Enjoy ... because I said so!

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