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November 2003

November 18, 2003 14:12

So I am playing great again, I mean still at my level but not like I just started. I thought it was hopeless and I love the violin so I would cry because I thought I couldn't play the violin, but my teacher sensed my distress and told me that violinist learn in waves, sometimes your up playing at levels you didn't think you could and sometimes your down playing like a screaming crow. That made me happy. Auditions for my youth orchestra are coming up. I just talked to Mark O'connor and he gave me some great tips on what to do with my
musical career when I get older and more experienced. He was nice. I'm currently trying to contact Joshua Bell, but thats probably hopeless. my mom and me have the gift of getting contacts like my mom is the Queen shes talked to Wesly Snipes and KC and JOJO Me I've gotten in contact with Maya Angelou and Mark O'connor etc.... So I'm sure I will be able to talk to Josh. I'm not trying to stalk him but I need him for a charity event maybe he'll be able to help and if he can't I'll just talk to Mark O'connor my favorite violinist. Hopefully, when I'm 80, I'll be as good as mark.

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November 7, 2003 12:13

So I went to lessons and my teacher was very proud of me, said I improved greatly. 3 weeks from now will be me and my teachers anniversary. I was looking through my Notepad where my teacher writes all my assignments and found our first lesson which was Nov. 27, 2002. So this will be our year anniversary I was going to bring her a cake saying happy anniversary on it. She'll probably look at me weird, but hey, I can't help it I like and want to get close to my teachers especially one as nice as her. I don't think that its not that she doesn't want to get close to me I think she's just not use to a enthusiastic student showing interest in what their learning and appreciating their teacher, so i think I kind of surprise her alot. I've seen her teach other students and they seem so sad and bored like their dying to go home so I can understand why she might be a little surprised at my enthusiasm. But whether she likes it or not we're going to become the bestest of friends. Teacher student friendships are the best and I have improved greatly since having a friendly teacher such as mine. I don't believe in mean strict teachers, stern and authoritative, but not mean. Mean and strict are only going to decline my ability and make me hate the violin. When i go to lessons I want smiles, not frowns. When I go to lessons I want concern not growls.

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November 5, 2003 20:06

Today I sat down to practice and couldn't do a thing. I get these days where my fingers are all in the wrong place, my tone sounds scratchy and I keep moving off the sounding point, what is wrong with me? I feel like throwing the violin and screaming, truly!!
But other than that my day was good. My english teacher who is a former violinist gave me money to start saving to go to the new walt disney concert hall. But I probably won't seeing that for about a year because all the shows are sold out, my goodness. I don't know when it comes to the violin life is confusing, but bliss. Tomorrow is my lesson and I'm messing up on the piece I'm supposed to be playing, how great! All this week I've been doing excellent, it sounded great but now I sound like a screeching rat, somebody explain why before my lessons when I can impress my teacher, I start to mees up, confusing.

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November 4, 2003 17:15

When I started violin I felt special inside like no other. But then I had to quit because my mom didn't have enough money. I started to think of how great and happy I felt when I was playing it and how disturbed I felt when I wasn't. That is why people should play instruments becuase it gives them a peace of mind not because they want to become stars or whatever. I went through that though. I felt I was starting late and could never have a performing career, but of course, I found out I was wrong and I can have a performing career. But like I said thinking back to when I first started, 11 months ago, I know that whether playing the violin for fun or for a job, there's so much more to it.

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November 4, 2003 16:01

Hi, I'm new at this site. I love this site so I thought I'd join the violinist gang. For my first blog I guess I'll write what I have to do with the violin. I am a student and I love playing the violin. I have been playing 11 months and played in the orchestra for the first time this at College of the Canyons, SCVYO. My teacher is great because she lowered the price so I could take violin. She is really nice. I have been practicing alot so I can take a test that happens every year at Cal Arts so I can get a diploma. I am happy about my progress with the violin. Hopefully in the future I will have the same experiences as some of you other people on this site have had with performing.

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