June 2006

June 24, 2006 13:16

The last day of school was yesterday. It's pretty amazing how I start High School next year. Life seems to be flying by. I feel like if I just close my eyes, I be eighty when I open them.

As for the violin:

I'm starting to grow suspicious. I've been having way too good lessons lately. I haven't know my teacher to be one to hold my hand. Tears have fallen during my lessons. Why then, is everything suddenly coming so easy? He doesn't tell me I'm out of tune anymore, no more rhythm insults on his part, no more "Wrong! Wrong! You're doing it all wrong!" Instead, I've been recieving quite the opposite and it's making me suspicious. They're too... enjoyable. I get stories of his students, of his teachers, and we focus on music, not technically, but muscially. Today, after hearing my Bach, my teacher made a comment. "I don't know how you manange to do it. You have to juggle the violin with school, and yet, it's all there. Unbelievable."

I am oh-so-very suspicious. o_O

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My random thoughts: Thanks to Earth Science: Today, exactly six hours and four minutes ago...

June 21, 2006 11:19

June 21st, 2006 at exactly 8:16 AM (EST) was the summer solstice for this year! Everyone feel the excitement. *does mystical thing with hands*

Okay, so it isn't that exciting. It gets nothing but 7.5 seconds of the nine o'clock news. World wars, nuclear weapons, gas prices, murder... Surely the arrival of summer is more important. o_O Maybe not.

This week has been so disgusting. Weather wise, that is. Starting on Sunday, it has been hot, humid, muggy, and worst of all, sunny. ;) There's nothing worse than walking down the block with the hot sun beating down your back. (At least it wasn't strawberries, Richard eh?) Perhaps it's just the evil side of me. My favorite season is winter-- Both Vivaldi and otherwise. It's probably the simple joys of builing snowmen (And knocking their heads off >_<), hot chocolate, and dry below freezing temperatures. Ah, that's it. Nothing like a thermometer reading -5oF. Besides, in the winter, you turn the heater on, and it's not so bad. I get to go to bed with three layers of blankets over me without sweating to death. :) I can practice the violin and feel all warm. But summer? Pools, the beach, friends, vacations, ice cream, my birthday, well, okay, it's not that bad. :P

I don't like sweating. I hardly sweat. I don't like it when it's 90 degrees out and I'm inside. I don't like air conditioning (At least the one in my house). It's what I call noise pollution. It buzzes and whirls. Same with fans. How the heck am I susposed to concentrate on anything with them screaming at me? Result? When I'm inside, I sweat. When I practice, I am *this close* to dehydrating. Quite a discomfort.

Therefore, today, in honor of my earth science teacher who helped me pass the regents with flying colors, I will celebrate the Summer Solstice by going into the basement to practice. It's fifty degrees cooler and I will try not to think about the hideous monsters lurking behind the door. Seems like I'm doing myself a favor eh?

Oh and Bram, before I forget, I did promise you a matching mask...


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June 11, 2006 10:09

You know what's funny? When you get etudes every week, you want pieces. When you're finally finished with two months of solid etudes, and get pieces, you want etudes because your technique suddenly sucks.

New stuff
Wieniawski's Scherzo Taranelle (I can spell!)
Bach's Adagio from Sonata No. 1

So at yesterdays lesson, my teacher made me try and sightread through some of both. It was pretty scary.

I love the Scherzo. So far, it doesn't seem that hard. The Bach gives me the chills. Gosh, I love G minor. Phrasing really different and such. Any thoughts about anything would help.


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June 9, 2006 12:51

She walks into the room. Interupted from my science lab, I glance up. She motions me to come. As I do, she puts on a look of what appears to be pure digust. "You want to know what you got for NYSSMA," she rasps. Uh-oh. "Uh, sure," I whisper. I think to myself:
I do bad, I have an excuse. I thought I was doing Paganini until the day before. NYS just had to take all the Caprices out of the NYSSMA manual.

Flash--back to reality. I glance at her with curious eyes, all the evil suddenly gone--well a good portion anyways. She points at the paper, shaking her head.


Seems like I unleased my inner gypsy.

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Music is good when you least expect it.

June 8, 2006 13:45

Still awaiting NYSSMA score. I swear... if my orchestra teacher isn't in school tommorrow to hand it to me... *pokes pitchfork*

You know what's religion Sydney? Jascha Heifetz playing the Scottish Fantasy. Woah.

Music comes in handy when it's least expected. This is how I make my friends afraid... very afraid. We'll call my friend "A".

A is known for saying the most random things at the most random times. Things so random you can't think of an answer.

A: (In French class) How do you say gypsy in French? *waits with satisfaction for me to be unable to come up with a response*

Me: Well, I don't know... Mmm... I just have a hunch though... How much you want to bet it's Tzigane? *writes it on her paper*

A: What? You're crazy. That doesn't even look French!

Me: How much you wanna bet it's French for gypsy? *tries to hold back laughter*

A: Yeah right. Tzigane? Psh. I dare you to ask the French teacher.

Me: Sure. *goes up to the teacher at the end of class*

Me: How do you say gypsy in French?

Teacher: *thinks for a second* It's tzigane. Really weird spelling too. It's spelled with a t-z-i.

With that, I broke out into hysterical laughter as my friend's mouth dropped open.

A: *trying to regain her image* Well then, can you say gypsy in German?

The hysterical laughter turned manical.

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Muahahaha Bill. You left out the la mustache!

June 6, 2006 14:42


Muahaha! :P

On the other hand, I had NYSSMA today. Let you know as soon as I get the score. I played dreadfully evilly. Which is, I can't decide, a good or bad thing? :P

P.S. Edited for Colleen. Afterall, it is 6/6/06.

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