March 2006

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March 31, 2006 14:00

I'm going to Vienna tommorrow! For a week! Woo!

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You know much I love to write reviews...

March 29, 2006 15:00

Well? It's over. Played the Meditation last night. No memory problems. :P (Though, my pianist did do something funky)

If I were to write a review of myself, I would put:

"Hair-raising and blood-curling."

I love the few days after playing a solo. The compliments are almost tastier than Natasha's muffin! I love it when...

People-I-know-I-know-and-recongnize-from-somewhere -but-can't-remember-where-and-I-know-I-should-know-them-because-they-seem-important-and-are-talking-to-everyone, start talking to me. Last night, there was this one woman (Who I knew I knew, but just couldn't remember), went up to me for a full-length conversation. And I thought, who the heck is this woman?! I know I've seen her somewhere... So I try to figure it out without giving away the game. (Like I did with Caeli once. :K) Which is just totally ziggerific!

(New profile pic to replace the "blood" covered snow. This is what people get when they ask to take a picture with me.)

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If I had a cherry muffin, I would eat it. And then the muffin wouldn't be a muffin anymore. Technically speaking... of course. Uh-hum.

March 28, 2006 13:40

I'll be performing the Meditation from Thais in exactly three hours and fifty two minutes. Surprisingly, I'm not nervous, though I am excited. Which makes no difference, of course, since they both get your hands sweaty.

So I will just pop into the shower, and then take a short nap. I do like naps. And then hope that I won't forget which piece I'm playing.

Just think, if I mess up, I always have a pianist to blame it on. :P *grins evilly*

~Evil Linda
~De Villian

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F is for french horn.

March 20, 2006 14:12

A couple months ago, I was working on a "f-hole" in Tech-Ed. In the process, I broke 4 coping-saw blades and managed to avoid cutting my toe off. Then I put it aside for a couple months. I finally overcame my laziness and finished it yesterday.


Here are the results. This is evilly done, with absolutely no machinery.

Maybe someday I will sell it on ebay and make a small fortune. :P

(Ps. Pauline, my photo is of my snowy backyard)

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Grandmasters, gravity, Beethoven. They all go BOOM!

March 16, 2006 13:29

Here are some actual quotes I have heard my fellow classmates say:

(On deciding the order of pieces)
"It should go la-la-la and then it should go BOOM!"

(On commenting on my orchestra teacher's clothes)
Teacher: If you concertrated like that while you were practing, you all would be virtuosos by now!
Student: What's a virtuoso?

(On me talking about Mozart's 250th)
Student: Oh, Mozart! I know him! *hums Beethoven's fifth*

(On first chair)
Student: How to you be a grand-master?
Teacher: A what?!
Student: A grand-master.
Teacher: *raises eyebrows and chuckles* At the violin?
Student: Yea, you know... *picks up the concert program* Yes, here it is!
Teacher: *looks* Uh, that's concertmaster.

Must I say more? :P
Oh yes, a lesson of my own.

Pudding does not defy gravity. I learned that the hard way.

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March 13, 2006 15:06

I'm sure Sydney will have a lot to say in her next blog entry. Meanwhile, so this entry doesn't go to waste:

I am so darn evil. So evil indeed. My apprentice is great. I can't believe you guys couldn't figure out who my apprentice was last time. We start lessons soon. *sigh* MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

We tis evil.

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A simple question. If you cannot answer it... That, my friend, is sad

March 7, 2006 13:16

I have recently taken on an apprentice! Woo!

She is going to be studying several courses with me. These courses include:

1. Countless hours of studying the Evil Handbook
2. Laughter abilities MUAHAHAHAHAHA!
3. Physical attributes: Stroking facial hair and growing fangs
4. Diet: Fruit Punch Snapple and Pudding always does the trick
5. Calligraphy and Analyzing: How to forge handwriting and how to recognize an alias
6. How to recognize stupidity from evilness
7. How to make barbed wire toilets and deliver them to unsuspecting v.comers *cough* Sydney
8. What to do if Jim W. Miller tries to climb through your bathroom window.

Along with many other lessons that will remain undescribed for evilness sake.

Evil Linda is already fantastically thrilled with her apprentice’s accomplishments. Her evil-in-training has already made the Evil One’s week by informing her:
"Rearrange the letters of Evil Linda and you get 'En Villain' or 'Vile Linda'. You are evil no matter what."

Which comes under the lesson of, How To Flatter Your Master.

*goes back to the first person*
I have seen some traits that will allow my evil-in-training to become as... er... almost as evil as her master herself. Firstly, she already goes under many pseudonyms. The simple rearranging of the five letters in her first name allows countless possibilities. Second of all, she already has a way of spreading evil to the public. Which can be done by television, radio, fliers, etc. Thirdly, she is a fantastic violinist. Now the violin just happens to be the devil's instrument, giving her a slight advantage.

Let's see how smart you are. Who is my apprentice? But wait! Don't just post what the person above you says. I know you probably know. Every comment I get on this blog must show me you know exactly whom I'm talking about... But you cannot say the same thing as another post. If Colleen comes on and says, “Bob Bushels”, I don’t want to see ten other comments with ‘Bob Bushels in it.” Get my point? No? Too bad. Figure it out yourselves. *turns and strides away*

See how evil that was?

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