January 2006

The Evil One returns. Muhahaha

January 30, 2006 13:20

Yay! My blog is back! *dances*

Bad news for the the people who felt safer eh? I was let out on parole.

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I suggest you watch it Eric... and you Mr. Miller

January 23, 2006 14:58


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A random jumbled blog entry

January 23, 2006 13:18

You know on laptops how you have to use the little pad to move. Well, on my laptop, when you tap down on the pad, it is the equivalent to pressing down the left mouse button. I knew that. But my father didn't.

I ordered the Zige---er... Gypsy Airs from Johnson last night, along with Galamian's Bach Sonatas and Partitas and a 'romantic' piece which I'll tell you about later. Oh yes, I also ordered a couple of A strings, G strings, and a E string. Grand. I put everything into my online shopping cart and hit checkout. Typed in all the info, and then got my Dad to fill in the Credit Card lines. My Dad is not good with laptops. At all. He didn't know that tapping down on the moving pad was the same as pressing enter. So he did both. And shocker! Two receipts were sent to us. Hmmm.... better call up Johnson before the orders are sent out. o_O

I've decided upon a romantic piece. It's so pretttyyyy!!!!!!! Massenet's Mediation from Thais. Ahh, heaven. So, is there a story behind this piece? (Since it is from a... whachamacallit. err... *is at lost for the word*)

Now, about my progress on the Ziguuniewiseymabopper. I'm on that section that contains a dreadful line of upbow staccato and notes that are too high for me to sing at the right octave. xD Scary. Reminds me of when I stepped on... oh never mind.

Did you ever forget to breathe? I know I *cough* haven't. *cough, sputter, choke* *nose triples in length* Really.... I haven't.... Heh


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Nervous, oh so dreadfully nervous I have been and am.... But WHY must you say that I am mad?

January 19, 2006 17:16

I have come to an important conclusion.

I conclude that anyone who:

1. Played Paganini at before the age of ten
2. Played Mendelssohn with orchestra at seven *cough* Menuhin *cough*
4. Knew the Beethoven and Tch. VCs before their teens
3. Could play the Bach Chachonne phenomenally by ten *clears throat*
5. Is younger than eighty and knows the violin inside and out

Has suffered from serious cases insaneness and delusionality. Not to mention lunaticalism, madness, phsycopathia, and maniacal laughter disorder.

That my friends, is my discovery.

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January 17, 2006 14:58

I knew it! I knew it! I did! I told you that I would never learn to spell *looks at music* Zigeunerweisen!!! Told you so!! And I was so close too!

Here's what happened: I was calling up a local music store to see if they stocked what I wanted before I went. (Because they hardly ever do)

Man on phone: What's the name of the piece?
Me: The Zigeunerweisen
Man: ????
Me: I'll spell it for you.
Man: Okay
Me: *acting intelligent, tries to do it from memory. Thinks of Kruetzer and Kreisler*

It's Z-i-g-u-e-n-e-r-w-e-i-s-e-n

(Notice I swapped postition of the u and e)

The man finlly gets the spelling I gave him and says:

"Okay, one second. I'll check."

I'm guessing he has the catalog on the computer-- One of those things where you type in the title.
Not good. Especially when you have the wrong spelling. Yup. You can guess what happened next. I feel bad for anyone who has to do business with me.

(Btw it was in stock. *shock* Publisher= Schrimer (another word I can't spell) Arranged bu Mitchell. Never heard of him. Any thoughts on this arrangement? Or know of a good one?)

(My current ancient copy belons to my teacher. Just borrowing it for a week or so. Have no idea who the arranger is.)

*glares at Karin* Apparently, your trick doesn't work... Cause I can't spell Kreutzer 50% of the time. xD

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Imagine someone evil... playing a romance......

January 13, 2006 13:26

You get the point. Right?

Let me just briefly sum it up. I was asked by my school to play a piece as an introduction to a ceremony. At first, I thought it would just be some patriotic-written-originally-for-the-instruments-you-blow-in type of thing. So I was really surprised when my orchestra teacher told me to play something romantic and slow.

Okay... any suggestions? I'm looking for something that is in the 4-8 minute range. Something challenging, but not a piece that I wouldn't be able to pull of in 3-4 months.

I'm also thinking about doing a Beethoven Romance. LOVE THEM!! How difficult are they exactly?

C'mon! Keep the suggestions rolling. Don't make me use my pitchfork.

P.S. My pudding exploded in my backpack... again!

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They're after me lucky charms!

January 9, 2006 14:00

Last year, on January 3rd, my English teacher forced us to write New years resolution letters to... ourselves! Oh joy. *sarcasism* Today, she handed them back to us. Reading what I wrote last year, I almost laughed. I had written that wanted to get a perfect score in Level 6 NYSSMA. Now, for those of you non-New Yorkers, NYSSMA is basically where you play scales, a solo, and sightreading for a judge and are graded out of 100 or 28, depending on the level. The levels are pretty dumb, in my opinion, because they only range from 1-6 and level 6 provides room for a variety of levels, if you get what I mean. Then there's All State which is done with a piano accomp. Which you can't do until you're in 10th grade. Which I'm far from. But anyways, I was so dead scared last year. I probably started being nervous 7 months before NYSSMA, so in my letter I had written, "My goal is to get a perfect 100 pt score in Level 6 NYSSMA this year, but that's really unlikely." Heh, heh, unlikely. *grins evilly*

Now I laugh. It's funny when something you don't think is going to happen actually happens and a year later you wonder why you never thought it was going to happen. Uh-huh.

(Oh yeah, another thing. I spent yesterday listening to 5 different recordings of the *uses Karen's technique* Ziegueweisen. (Did I get that right?) I have recordings by Perlman, Chang, Shaham, Stern, and Francescatti. I spent Sunday afternoon analying and comparing the recordings, and studying the score. What fun is was to then attempt to play it. :P The analying probably got to my head, for today, I skipped around school saying, "The Gypsys are after me! Shiver," to everyone I saw. Especially the people wearing large gold hoop earrings. *cough* My orchestra teacher *cough*

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The Zigeunerweisen, something I will never learn to spell.

January 7, 2006 12:51

I had a fantastic lesson today. The violin is so enjoyable nowadays! I love what I'm playing and Paganini sounds wicked cool when its played correctly and in tune. And the Caprices are major show-off pieces... I love scaring the wits out of my school orchestra. =P You should have seen their faces when I played Novacek's Perpetuum Mobile for them last year. I've come to the conclusion that when:

1. You love the instrument
2. You love the music
3. The music is devilishly difficult for you
4. You have five hours to spare on the average weekday
5. Your violin teacher likes what he's seeing

Then life is deliciously good. Why? Because I love new music... and when life's deliciously good, your teacher will decide to give you new sheet music. That's what happened today. To my surprise, I was presented with an ancient copy of the Zigeunerweisen. It's incredibly delicate... My teacher used the exact copy when he was only 20ish... And that was back in 1954. All the markings and fingerings are those of my teacher's teacher and I find it amazing that 52 years ago, my teacher's teacher was teaching my teacher and writing on the exact same sheet of music that I held in my hands. (Wow. I have serious mental issues. o_O)

Well, now's the time... If you have any tips or warnings or comments or stories about the Gypsy Airs... tell me now!!! I command you! And if you somehow know a trick to spelling Zigeunerweisen... I would appreciate it. :P

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The first day back from vacation *yawn*

January 4, 2006 13:41

Yesterday was the first day of school for 2006. The night before, I decided to listen to the Bach concerto in A minor Mvt. I to fall asleep. Not a good idea. I laid awake for hours with an urge to dance. When my CD player ran out of batteries, and I finally fell asleep, my alarm clock sounded. Gah! *hits snooze* Gah! *is woken up by Mom an hour later to find out the bus comes in 5 minutes*

Good thing I already had what I was going to wear perfectly ready. (Red shirt, black pants) I had my Santa hat in my bookbag and my white Santa beard in my jacket. I gave my hair a comb, teeth a brush, and I headed out to the bus. (I was starving for the day though.)

At lunch (I eat lunch in the orchestra room with a bunch of my friends because we have something against the cafeteria), I put on the beard, hat, and borrowed my friend (Whom I call Nicolo, after Paganini)'s glasses and proceeded to stare at my orchestra teacher who was teaching a 7th grade lesson in the front of the room. All my friends of course, were cracking up, and I knew it would only be seconds before she glanced up from her violin and saw me. The back of the room was suddenly silent, as we stared, waiting for mrs.C to notice.

SLowly but surely, she bagan to wonder why it was so quiet. Why you could here a giggle here and there. Why everyone in the back was staring at her. She scanned the room. Her eyes fell upon me. Her eyebrows began to rise... higher... and
higher ... and
higher ... and

"Who is that she asked?"
"It's Linda."
"Linda? No, that can't be Linda."

Meanwhile, I was stroking my rather large fluffy beard.

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