November 2005

Gak, The Killer Report Card

November 29, 2005 18:08

My report card arrived today. Scary grade in Math.
Bleh. The rest of the grades were expected. *sigh* Not that I did bad in Math. It was just... different, somewhat lower. Most people would be happy, I guess.

To cheer up the mood:
A random joke I saw today:
A conductor was putting on a performance of Beethoven's 9th Symphony at 8. Unfortunately, his chorus couldn't be there until 6, so he started rehearsal without them. In the middle of the rehearsal, the air conditioning broke, so they brought out huge fans to keep the orchestra cool. This worked, but the conductor's score kept blowing away, so he had to tie it down. During this, the bass section and two cellists decided that they had had enough, so they went to the tavern across the street and got really drunk. In fact, the two cellists never came back. So six-o-clock rolls around and the chorus arrived. By then the air conditioning had been fixed and they continued with the rehearsal. Finally, it was 8 and the concert began. The concert was almost finished when the air conditioning went out again, so the fans were brought out and the conductor tied his score down. It was very hard to try and turn the page while conducting, and he was about to quit, because it was the bottom of the ninth, the score was tied, the basses were loaded, there were two outs, and the fans were going wild.

Hee. Now I shall go dance to Paganini 13.

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Miniture Potty and Michael Rabin

November 27, 2005 18:09

I had to make a model of a room of the house for a French project. So I, being as normal as I was, chose the bathroom. And seriously did it.


Yes, the date is wrong. Silly camera. But it is a beautiful salle de bains, eh? It has a toilet, towel, toliet paper, bath tub, shower curtain, vanity, and everything. There is seriously something wrong with me. Lovely.

Another random thing. You know, I was always interested in Michael Rabin. There's practically nothing about him online. That's why I jumped when I saw this:

Michael Rabin:America's Virtuoso Violinist

Anyone know if it's any good?

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Eccentric Daddy wants 'Fingers to shake'

November 26, 2005 12:51

It was my dad's birthday today. That's why I have egg on my pants. And flour in my hair. Yes, Linda was trying to bake a cake. And she didn't burn the kitchen down in the process. And her family didn't die of food posioning... yet. I'm so negative. Actually, my cake was pretty good. We had it for breakfast. Eggs, flour, milk = Very healthy!! As Natasha always says, "We need our nutrition!"

I had lessons at 8 this morning. It went pretty well and we were both pretty happy with the concerto's progress. He even suggested we do the Mendelhelson Concerto in E minor next. I love that piece!

After my lesson, I had to sit and watch a 9 yr old boy have his. (My parents were late... as usual.) He started with the Concerto in A minor, Mvt I. It was about 95% in tune and his bows were well distributed... Until the sixteenth note section. Not that it was out of tune. Lucky boy, he has a perfect pitch. It was the rhythm. Add some slurs to that and the kid was clueless. His phrasing sounded something like this: Eee, A, B, *pause* Eee, *pause* Aaa, A, b *pause* Aaa. Well you get the point. Anyways, my violin teacher is in his mid-late 70s. He's strict; Taught by a Russian. So when the boy still couldn't play the section correctly after my teacher explained it again and again, Ekkk! I have never seen him so mad. And the boy's dad. Ugh. He wasn't helping. He stands right behind the boy every lesson, and repeats everything my professor says! For example:

"F sharp! Not natural!"
His dad would repeat:
"Yes, higher! Tic-tac-toe sign!"


"Staccato, short bows. I want them accented, not weak."
Daddy would say, grabbing the boy's bow
"Like this!! *makes jutted sawing motion in air*"

He really is pretty annoying. But funny. You should hear some of his explanations. Especially vibrato.

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No Broadway!! :)

November 25, 2005 14:17

Ah, the holiday season. A time on giving. And a time to bring out the New York in me.

Last night, I was trying to convince my dad to take me to see a Broadway. Unsucessfully. :(
I got a firm, "No-way-am-I-going-to-drive-for-two-hours-to-see-a-silly-play-again" response. I was disappointed for about 2 seconds because the next thing my Dad said was, "I'll take you to hear the classics though." Translation: To hear a orchestra

I was happier than I looked. On the outside, I was trying to act like it was no big deal, but on the inside, I couldn't wait to go online and buy tickets.

That's what I was just doing before I typed this. So on Dec 28, I will be in Carnegie Hall listening to Hilary Hahn and the NY orchestra.

I can't wait!

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Bleh. Easy, cheesy, orchestra stuff.

November 23, 2005 13:15

At last, today I decided to open up the rather oversized orange folder and take a look at what I have to play in February for the Long Island String Festival. I figured the music was probably challenging, since it's for a 8-9 grade division, and I made first violin though I was in 8th grade. Boy, was I wrong. Three rather easy pieces fell into my hands as I opened the folder. Air, Folk dance and fiddle tune, and Dream of Midsummer's night. The first thing I thought was Shakespeare, as I saw the title of the final piece. I remember how my school orchestra teacher had raved about that piece as she gave me the folder. So I couldn't wait to play it. And so I did. Excitedly.And let's just say it wasn't my favorite. In fact, it was far from my favorite piece. Perhaps, I'm just missing something?
But anyway, the two other arrangements weren't exactly the best either. So I'm probably not going to be motivated enough until the day before the first rehearsal to look at them and work on them, since they're easy and cheesy. Ha. Guess it's back into the oversized orange folder for them.

My private lesson teacher gave me a movie to watch on Saturday: The Red Violin. I think I'll go watch it now.

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Strange Delusional Child

November 22, 2005 15:08

I am so happy. This is great. Excellent. Phenomenal. Awesome. My parents may now think I'm delusional, but I am still happy. Why?...

I was working on The Butterfly Lovers Concerto today. There was a pretty killer section on the 4th page of it. It consisted of 8 measures, or maybe 10, of slurred dotted 16th notes. Of course, the first 16th note is on the g string, the next the d, and so on. It requires you to take the bow, put it on the g string, and sort of slur or drag it lightly over all four string. G-E, and E-G. While bouncing. At a speed of 156.

So to get the technique, I practiced on the 4 open strings. With the staccato and without it. Okay, so it wasn't too hard... Until I tried the fingerings that is.

(In fact, if you didn't understand a thing I said, I uploaded a pic of the measures)


Well, in the second measure, I had to keep my fourth finger on a E on the G string, then my 3rd finger on a G, on the D string. But everytime I went to put down the E, my G would go sharp. Then I realized that it was physically impossible, for me at least, to hit a E and G in tune. Frustrating eh? That's when I looked at the key signature. Oh snap! G SHARPS! That meant I was in tune. And my fingers wouldn't die of pain. Relief. Enough relief to make me run around the house, yelling, "YESSSSS! It's A G SHARP!" I also invented a YES G SHARP dance.

My mom wondered what was wrong with me. My dad thought I was delusional. Delusional or not, I'm one happy 13 year old.

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