June 2010

Short on snappy quick witted titles....so........Here's an update !

June 15, 2010 13:50

Thought I would come by and update my blog.  Almost forgot about it !    I've moved from fiddle tunes on to classical originally because I'm very active in my church and ran out of  nights that I can abandon my family for selfish personal pursuits.  I was invited to join one of the worship teams at church and happily signed on.   Classical seems a better fit to what I'm playing there and I've come to really enjoy the challenges it provides !   So much to work on and learn ! 

I'm an adult learner so I certainly don't play anywhere near as well as someone who's been at it all their lives....and my theory is seriously lacking......but I can tell you that I have a passion to learn that keeps me on it every chance I get.   I get plenty frustrated, especially since the others in the group are knowledgeable musicians and I'm not.   I hang on by a thread but they're gracious to keep me and haven't bumped me....yet....God bless em...lol !   So far I haven't chased anyone out of the church with my playing so it can't be too awful.  

My biggest frustration is that I never seem to play as well as I can when it counts.  I'm usually tense and nervous at the service because we haven't practiced much (because every one else knows what they're doing).....and I have a hard time reading the road map on the music while I'm focusing on the notes.   "Are we repeating the chorus after the second verse...or third ?"..."When does that bridge come in ?"......"Oh oh...here comes that solo/interlude !...I wonder if I'll crash and burn like the last time"    Lol.....I've gotten several more gray hairs since taking this up but I'm hooked !    It's been almost 8 years....I think....since I started on this trail and there's no going back.   Never give up....NEVER surrender !   .....unless of course they loose their unending patience and tar and feather me out of church some sunday morning.............NAH !  :-D


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