August 2007

Blah, back to work....

August 19, 2007 05:17

Wow, I haven't "blogged" here in quite awhile.....guess I've been busy.

I work in a school and didn't get the summer school assignment this year sooooo....I got to spend LOTS of time practicing and playing. I've been focusing a LOT on the Wohlfahrt etudes recently....I just love that book. I said that to a teacher once and she laughed....said she had NEVER heard anyone say THAT before about that book. But, I can feel the difference that going through those pieces makes. That man was a genius !

I've been able to put in a couple of hours a day these past couple months, but have to go back to work after next week...then it's back to trying to scrounge some time here and there when I can squeeze it in.

My schedule will most likely be similar to what I did last school year......Get up at 4:30, shower, dress..all that necessary stuff.........spend some time with the Lord (who is responsible for making this possible in the first place)....get my daughter up for school at 6am, get lunch together for my youngest and myself...then saw on the fiddle from 6:30-7:15, when I have to force myself to put it down so that I can get the youngest up and make sure we're both ready to leave by 7:45.

If I'm lucky I won't have anywhere to go right after school and will be able to play for about half hour after I get home...(jeesh, just long enough to warm up).....before I have to start fixing dinner. I might be able to pick it up again later in the evenings......I know I'll want to, but will have to deal with less than appreciative family members who frankly get tired of listening to it....oh well...hehe.........they'll change their tune when I become awesome.....right now my playing is just "pleasant/enjoyable" least I think so :-D

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