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Christmas Cantata

December 26, 2007 13:52

Wow, long time since posting....

I just wanted to jot down about a great time I had last Sunday before Christmas. Our chorus at church has been practicing the past 6 weeks for a Christmas Cantata. We got a late start on the rehearsals and I was to do the violin part, but I hadn't gotten my music until about 4 weeks before the program. I did go to the first couple of rehearsals and just listened to the music to get familiar with it...I even learned the Tenor part and would sing along while sitting there.

I was getting a tad nervous about not having the music......because I'm not that good and I can use all the practice and work I can squeeze in to get ready for these things. As scary as it all is I just can't figure out why I want to do this sort of thing so'm strange and maybe a bit addicted to personal humiliation, I don't know. *shrug*

Anyway...the LAST piece of my music, for the finale was only given to me a WEEK before the event...but most of it was familiar to the other pieces so not too bad...and she dumbed it all down for me pretty good....haha so it really wasn't that difficult to play. I just had to get past the fear factor and come in on time. Once I get started I usually do ok....usually...

Well, the day of the event dawned and I had gotten myself into a pretty mellow relaxed mood...figuring that I had practiced that stuff all that I could, there was nothing more I could do, it was just going to be what it was going to be....I was ready for the humiliation and actually didn't feel all that badly about the inevitable. I gave it to the Lord.....what else could I do.

The choir members were just as nervous as I was...especially the few who had solos....(except for one lady who has a fantastic voice and loves to sing....she didn't sweat a drop over it...and the pianist, she's old hat at these things) I decided I was going to focus on encouraging those folks and forget about my own angst..and just "do it"

The first performance went "ok"...we had a few messups....I didn't think I was going to get through the first piece of music...I was shakin so badly...haha...but, of course I did and it got easier from there. All and all, not too shabby.

The second perfermance guess we all got the shakes out of us that first time through and were much more relaxed on the second go round because was GREAT ! One of the soloists has a powerful voice, but it doesn't get much use so she was having a really hard time getting out those high notes all through the rehearsals...and even during the first performance, but WOW did she belt it out on that last time through !! I managed to hit most of my notes ok...and even come in on time ! I suppose another violinist/musician wouldn't be too impressed with my playing but most folks in the audience seemed to enjoy it and I actually got a few compliments...very encouraging !

For the most part....I just had a high grand ole time and jokingly asked our pastor if we could do it again......It was soo much fun !

I love making I said, I'm not that great but when you have a whole choir behind you and a good pianist and director....these little unprofessional type gigs are just plain fun. Folks don't have to pay to come in to hear you so they don't expect much and usually go away happy. We did ok.....yep....just fine....Thank you Lord, you are AWESOME !!

I hope everyone's Christmas went well......and may you all be abundantly blessed in this coming New Year !!

Eileen ;)

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