May 2006


May 28, 2006 04:13

Well, still playing on some over played dominant strings....the A and D look to be unwinding a'm still using the same shoulder rest, which I have had to "duct" tape because the padding gave way a bit and left a mark on my violin (*GAAH*). I guess this is what it's like to have to play on a budget. I've been looking around and trying to find a "deal" on some Obligato strings, not much luck there...and I haven't had the time or money to put in the gas tank to go around looking for another shoulder rest...(grumble) I live in a rural area, so it's at least a half hour drive to get ANYWHERE.

Yesturday, I got together with a couple of young ladies from my fiddle group. It was wonderful to actually play WITH someone else !! We ended up playing some Christmas tunes because I happened to have a book that had the harmony parts. All three of us are pretty much on the same level (intermediate) and we worked well together. Jenn pulled out her mandolin and we had fun with that as well. I SOOOO want to spend some time playing with others and rarely get the chance to do so for any length of time. Though I do LOVE to practice and can do so for hours at a stretch any chance I get...that becomes monotonous and dull and I sometimes find myself just plodding through the music without much gusto or finess. I have a 16 year old son who is fantastic on the piano, but he's given it up and will NOT play for me...(rotten kid..after all the money we spend on his lessons I'm tempted to offer to pay him....if only just to hear him play again...(*sigh*)

Ah well....I envy you folks who get to play with others on a regular basis. I can't even practice as much as I'd like to/ NEED to because the hubby resents any time I spend on it and can't stand listening to it..(I guess hearing me run through scales and excersizes over and over can be a bit much)....I have to go up to my room and close the door when he's home. (REALLY...I'm not THAT bad !!)

I refuse to give this up though !! I've been encouraging Jenn (one of the young ladies I played with yesturday)...she started playing at a young age but gave it up after highschool and is only just starting to get back into it. She's not that enthusiastic about it but I keep at her to stick with it. She has no idea what a gift it is to be able to play and play well. Having started early in life she'll go much farther than I ever could if she stays with it.

Perhaps that's going to be my role "encourager".....and I'm ok with that I long as I get to PLAY !

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trying to get a proper setup

May 6, 2006 17:03

Well, now that I have my old violin and bow back....I'm on the hunt for just the right set of strings to use. It's going to be hard because I can't afford to go buying up a set of different strings to try every few weeks....but I did find a book that could help at least to narrow the search down to a few different brands. I can't afford a professional teacher who can help with this sort of thing...I am sooo on my own here ! Being such a novice, I don't often know what the heck I'm doing half the time, but hey ! It's FUN ! :D
I found the "Violin Owners Manual" on amazon while browsing. There's a chapter on choosing strings...and from what I have read I'm thinking that Pirastro's "Obligato" or "Eudoxa" strings may be the way to go for my violin, which is an old german make with a high arch. At least that's what the author of that chapter I at least have a start on that end of it...I also need to find a better shoulder rest. I've tried kune, and some other types and just can't find one that "fits" properly. I'm always adjusting as I'm playing and it gets a bit annoying, not to mention interfering with my abilities here...slim as they are.
How does one go about setting up properly ? I suppose this is something I should have done right off the bat, but.....I didn't, and now that my skills are improving I can see the shortcomings aren't all mine....only some of
Now, if I can just find a place that has a bunch of different shoulder rests that I can try out I may just be able to find something I can be satisfied with so that I can concentrate on MY inadequacies and do something about THOSE !

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