May 2011

I'm back!

May 25, 2011 14:32

Well after burning out - hard, I thought "Maybe I should just have a short break?" .. which extended into another month..then another...then another... then into 8 months!

I'm finally back onto the violin. I started up again some time last month, I was saddened to find I lost a fair bit of  work I've done, but everso the optismist, I thought - Well maybe I can do things right this time around!

I'm lucky to find a Gem of a teacher (who lives up the road! She moved here last month) who is whipping me ( could be fun though :p) .. So far I'm only allowed to use from the frog to 2/6th of the bow - which was an area I avoided for while, as it used to 'hurt' me, but I have to say after going into 5th week of playing down there, I feel much more comfortable and it doesn't hurt :) It was just a matter of endurance and patience (and finding the right muslces to use)

Though, I guess it was necessary to burn out, my work load was growing incredibly heavy, I was learning new skills to go with it. I work as a Programmer. I finally learnt what stress was ha! (and how to deal with it atleast - I found myself having more of a back bone after going through that)

I was fast becomming the go to man, for a ridicolous low pay, insane hours, non-stop phone calls when I was at home, and work that wasn't even mine. That's when I knew I had to get out of there, so after being with them for 2 years - I pretty much gave them the middle finger, 2 weeks notices and bon vayage! As bad as that sounds, it seems like they've done it to a few others there so it was nothing new apparently ha!

As soon as I left I just started laughing and crying, I'd even go as far to say I felt my spirit return. But it was my fault to begin with, It was my first paying Programming job, and I was too easy to walk-over - I'd say yes to everything hoping to impress and get something more, atleast I've grown a few needles now.

That was when I got back into the violin.

But - An old work college (who suffered worse at their hands) gave me a buzz, and said he was looking for someone to work for him - which I ended up taking :) 

So luckily, I wasn't without work... I find myself soo much happier here, it doesn't even feel like work, and there's alot of laughs which is awesome, so here's looking foward to the future!


I guess things still don't change, I like to babble alot haha

Anyhow hope you've all been good!

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