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What we take for granted

June 23, 2009 at 4:55 AM

How awe-inspiring.

I was having a read around the violin history and came across this very nifty website

It just makes me think in wonder.. the violin, what a privledge it is to be able to play! All of its history, each part of it gone through hundreds of years of evolution - and we get to enjoy the end result!

The awesome power that a single violin can produce makes me believe that magic does exist. If you play on an old instrument, hold it - try imagine all of other hands its been through, its shared history, if the violin could tell us a story, it would be one full of emotions. In fact, you'll become apart of its history.

Is the violin instrument perfected? Can it evolve anymore? Apart from branching off into electronic style.. can the accoustic variation be evovled? It is one of the most mature things I can think of in life!

The same goes for music. What an amazing journey has been through... I've started to take the time and look at everything with wide eyes...

I find it inspiring that people play the violin, and that its a journey to try and master the 450+ year old instrument. Of course there is alot to work on :)

 I wonder what we will miss out in the future.

Too bad I can't continue. I must go back to work, haha.

From Anne-Marie Proulx
Posted on June 23, 2009 at 9:17 PM

You are right and it steel is a vocation, a passion because you work your b... off : - )  Non-violinists who love violin often comment on the "Romanticism° etc...   Sure for a part, and everyone who put its feet in a music school knows everything behind it (not always beatiful these practices...).  Only true violin lovers will "stick" with it in the long run.  But, the longer you stick with it, the longer you become to realize that what Dimitri says it true!  I do not think any great passion can come without great sacrifices.  The luck in life is to be able to do these sacrifices in what you want and not in what you are force to do  (No, I don't want to enter this debate!)   I just mean that we must all do efforts to manage to have the maximum of these things who "turn us on" in life so too speak.   (Because life would be empty without them and many things get in the way)  Be generous and obedient but protect your passions like a tiger!

Oh my god,  what a speech... Sorry!


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