May 2009

Ooohhh comfy

May 29, 2009 20:52

Hey all..

I thought I'd try to experiment around with my violin, so I took off my shoulder rest and I threw off my chin rest in a burst of poetic passion. It was such a different world!

It made me realise a few habbits it naturally do without realising - like cleching my jaw, or fidget with my bow hand (explains my trembling...) but also my left hand was free... apart from the difficulties I faced with shifting (after awhile I realised a quick shrug while shifting helps) and vibrato (no damn solution :( Maybe I need to try practice it without any equipment on)

But I could look whever I want, though I found that for me to play properly I'd have to put my chin to the right said of the tail piece - its where it naturally went. I played with my shoulders to, I raised them as high as possible, then just completely dropped them like 2 ton weights.

So I did some scales, not bad. My tone sounded warm, my bows were full.

Though yes.. It was a big change from being so reliant on a shoulder rest and chin rest..

I suppose whenever I have any problems, I'll throw everything off and play naked :) I'll find my problems then haha.

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Stop a little to gain something much more

May 27, 2009 06:09

Hey all.

Its funny that if you happen to put the violin down for a week or two and come back to it, you notice many things with your own technique.

My fingering has improved dramaticly with playing scales in 3rds - it used to be uncomfortable but now I can keep my all my fingers down and move freely. Also my inner ear seems to have caught up and I'm starting to match my intervals much sharper thn before and even the note which is played, even my self awareness of when I am playing off key has improved alot.

Its been actually nice, but does this say that I play in a way thats detrimental to my hands? I never noticed any pain or discomfort while playing, in fact I feel that my hands feel much better than they do when I'm using a computer.

I've also been readjusting my life to suit myself more ergonomically... and OH BOY has it brought up pain or what! My back is to tender, I need a

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Sirens Call

May 17, 2009 18:24


Is this labeled as an addiction? I'm just here and I have an urge to just play the violin. I really want to run my bow across the strings and draw as much sound as possible. I want to make music! I'm at work atm and all thats going through my head is : Not long to go.

Is it just monday-itis?


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I am happy.

May 11, 2009 01:30

Greetings all.

I have often seen alot of people being upset that they started violin at the age of 13. I ask, why?

I know this is an overly discussed matter and it comes down to the persons own perspective.

I started violin at the age of 18, I am now 19 and it has been around 1 year and 4~5 months since I've started. So I am a violin baby :)

I can never express my feelings of being able to learn this instrument. I am at the moment I am going for my Grade 4 AMEB exam. I just missed out of the dead line for the previous grade 4 exam haha, but I am in no rush.

But I would really like to go to music college.

At the moment I am working 2 jobs - in web development. Though I am granted the freedom and flexiblity. One job is 5 days a week, 5 hours a day (PERFECT!) and a decent income, and my other job I do for 2-3 hours a day- my set up is I work on that while I travel to and from work (atleast 40 minutes by public transport) then when I get home I work for 2 hours... and its 3pm! Unfortunantely I can't do my violin lessons anymore - since they've been at 2pm for awhile. I hope my teacher can fit me in other times!!!

If I ever become an employer, I would give power of flexibility [and work from home options hehe] :) ... as long as they do their work.

I really don't like the whole 9 - 5 work ethic however. I much prefer 7 till 3 hehe.

My parents ask me why do I like working early... I ask them why do they like staying back late XD

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