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Teen Angst against my violin!!!

September 15, 2008 at 2:21 AM

I hate life!!!!!

Haha ok seriously though.

I really wish I didn't start off on such a cheap instrument. For just 9 months, its almost completely destroyed, the end part is starting to fall off, just today my chin rest is showing cracks in it and took me almost 1 hour just to re-adjust because it fell off when I was practising scales hahaha. It also bent two of my fathers screw drivers! Hopefully he never finds out...

I remember a few weeks ago I was practising double stops and the inside of my bow has cracked (Well rather I felt it crack I didn't hear it - if you can remember what it felt like to loose your baby teeth/teeth, it was like that... hanging on) and now its extra flexible, its making it difficult to play double stops with the bow hand..... It can flex beyond the HAIR of the bow even at high tensions :( WAYYYY too much sensitivity to control - I even have to be extremely gentle with Martele, I think I should start playing tratto and see what eventuates.

Oh also my fine tuner for the A string has gone wonked, the metal bent!!!!

This violin is a demon. Really... it should be thrown into the well. I don't even think it IS a violin, its probably a bunch of cats taped together. Maybe I should feed it? Hmmm, I need to sprinkle someones blood onto it. What if it turns out to be like the ring and it starts going on a murderous rampage of ruining peoples intonation?

What will happen if I ever get my hands on a quality instrument that does what I want it to do? Will I be super good? :D


Maybe I should hang around someones appartment and use my sales ability to barter for their violin.

From Pauline Lerner
Posted on September 15, 2008 at 3:28 AM
Someone once said that the most important violin you'll ever play is your first one. If it gives a good sound when you play it as you're supposed to, you'll be more likely to enjoy the experience and continue. You're doing well to realize that the bad results are due to the violin, not to you. Your anger is actually a very good sign. You definitely need a better violin. I don't know what the possibilities are where you live, but there are other v.commies who know more about this than I do. Get a better fiddle as soon as you can.

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