July 2013

Working on a Score

July 17, 2013 16:00

Well. The past few days have been extremely cinematic! My friends and I filmed our Doctor Who summer film on Monday and Tuesday, and Tuesday evening I spent time editing it, and filling in the cracks the best I could. Wednesday morning and afternoon (er... today) I spent time working on the score, which I hope will sound brilliant! I figured out a way to put in what I have of each track so far into the film, so I can see how I'm doing, even if it isn't quite complete yet. It's been a lot of fun, and I hope to use my violin for one track. Not much else to say about that right now, but this is going to be my summer project... score this seven-minute movie! This is also, officially, my first score by myself, not using any other works to help. Hooray! :)

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2013 Doctor Who BBC Proms

July 14, 2013 14:58

Oh, boy, I am so excited! Doctor Who, orchestral amazingness, and a wide selection of music from classical to new stuff by Gold combined into one 'radio'? What more could one ask for? I'm enjoying listening to this concert. Click here to listen! :)

Listening at about an hour and forty minutes in, I've become inspired with sounds, not just music, like the sounds of the TARDIS being made with a broken keyboard, as well as voices like the Daleks and Ice Warriors. So now I'm going to try some stuff out with my own equipment for voices for our Doctor Who episode I'm composing the score to. Should be fun! :)

UPDATE. Here is a YouTube video of the BBC Radio 3 audio of the full event for your listening pleasure. You can also find various videos of the actual concert in full or for specific pieces on YouTube as well.

Click here.

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Quick Updates...

July 13, 2013 21:19

First of all, I want to apologize for not having updated in a while. I haven't been doing a whole lot of music stuff, simply because I've been so busy. I did have my Summer Orchestra concert though, and after we went for ice cream. :)

In two days, me and my friends are going to be filming a Doctor Who episode. I am going to be the Doctor for it, but, after we're done with allthe editing and such, I get to do music! I am really hoping to get out my violin and use it for some music. That will be really fun, and hopefully it'll be on YouTube so you can watch it. Also, private lessons start up again, so I'll get more stuff to practice for the rest of the summer. Other than that, it's just about continuing to listen to music and enjoy. So yeah, quick update.

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Fox Valley Orchestra Night

July 4, 2013 20:48

Tonight I went to Aurora to celebrate the Fourth with fireworks and, before, from 8:15pm-9:15pm, the Fox Valley Orchestra! I can't remember everything they played, although they did play 'America, the Beautiful' and 'Stars and Stipes', two classics. I think they played Strauss and music from a play for Aladdin. Unfortunately, I missed a bit of it at the beginning, but that was okay. They were testing the fireworks during the performance, which was annoying, except at one time. The firework exploded right in time with a large downbeat from the orchestra! It was cool! Well, it was a pretty good night, although not that much happened after the fireworks, except we went home. Time for bed! :)

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Film Composition Videos

July 1, 2013 14:11

This morning I watched a video interview on Murray Gold. I got a little bit out of it, in regards to my film composition, although it was still fun and interesting to watch the whole thing. See, I've started this folder where I will keep notes and old scores that could help me with my film composition for inspiration or ideas so that in the future I can just paw through those papers and check out some of my old thoughts and ideas. One of the things I think I may try is to write all my compositions for piano first. Then I can go back and orchestrate them how I like. I've already begun to do that, just writing small things, although for the summer film (we're doing a Doctor Who episode instead, not the one we'd originally planned), I'm having some friends write the script, and I haven't acquired it yet. It's very difficult to write music without knowing the script, so... I've taken to writing random things until it comes in my email.

For Harry Potter fans, I want to share this other video I found of a short medley of music from the fifth film. It's not really about composition, but I like it a lot. Enjoy!

Well, I'm rambling. The point is, check out the video if you wish. And in case I don't write then, have a great Fourth!

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