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Violin Game: Two-Note Violins (Co-op)

Joshua Iyer

Written by
Published: December 14, 2013 at 5:08 AM [UTC]

Players: 2+ (preferably 4)
Objective: Clear all three levels.
-one violin for each participant (preferably their own)
-sheet music for players (see SET UP below)
If you're playing the holiday version of this game, you additionally need:
-Santa hats (one per player)
-a room with a Christmas tree
-a visible window with snow outside (bonus points if it's actually snowing)
One person who is setting up the game needs to create sheet music that match this criteria:
Level 1: The first level in the game is supposed to be the easiest. See RULES below. For each player, write in two notes that are right next to each other in the scale that fulfills the song requirements (for example, Player 1 would get the notes B and C, Player 2 would get D and E, Player 3 would get F and G, player 4 would get A and B. Technically, each player should only be allowed to play those notes in a certain octave, but if you want to extend multiple octaves, feel free. Also, be sure to pick a song that everyone knows and that's incredibly simple - like Jingle Bells, Deck the Halls, etc.)
Level 2: This is the easiest to make. Just write out the song, but obviously not technical at all. Write it for a fifth grade level.
Level 3: Add basic harmony for the bottom part of the staff. Try not to get too far from the melody unless you have lots of players.

Essentially, the main goal of the game is to make great music and work together with your friends in order to do so. However, for the game, each violinist can only play two notes - those assigned to them when Level 1 is passed out (and you can play a song multiple times and switch parts). Note that these two notes you see in the sheet music for Level 1 are the only two notes you are allowed to play throughout the song. (So while you can only play D and E, for example, the players around you will be filling in the rest of the melody with their notes). Follow along with the melody.
For Level 2, each player reads off the same piece of sheet music, but the melody's all together and you have to remember to play your two notes and not accidentally play another note. It's supposed to be harder.
For Level 3, harmony is added, so two violins will sound at once, but, obviously, you can still only play your two notes. This is supposed to be the hardest, so if you beat it, congrats! Start over at Level 1 and choose a new part, or if someone made another song, try that out.

And don't forget, if you're getting bored of this game, make sure you practice your orchestral music, and while you're at it, play it with your friends! :)

Have fun getting into the holiday spirit! Happy playing! :)

From Laura Mozena
Posted on December 15, 2013 at 7:15 PM
Nice Game! Thank you for sharing! I am excited to try this out in my group class. I think it will help get everyone 100% focused! Thanks again!

Laura M.
Suzuki Violin

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