July 2005

July 26, 2005 20:17

I got it, my new Amp for my Violin. It's a little bigger than I expected. The folks at work, where it was delivered were really surprised too. They think I'm this quiet shy type guy and here I get this 200 watt amp.

I played with the smaller one but opted for more power, so I ordered this. It is by far the cleanest and loudest amp I've used, so this is quite fun. When I was at Guitar Center a couple weeks ago, they set me up in a room with a host of acoustic amps, from Marshall, Fender, Behringer, among others. Each had to be turned up to at least level 5 (out of 10) before you could hear the violin clearly. This one, I can get by at 2. I'm thinking this will be a good gigging amp too, as it's fairly compact, yet has big big sound. Anyway, I'm happy with my b-day gift to myself.

Time to practice;)


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July 25, 2005 20:11

Thanks for your suggestions on sanding of fingertips. I won't do that. I've been a guitar player before, and found that helpful. I didn't remember if I did that for violin so long ago.

I'm excited, tomorrow my amp comes in, and I'll have rich full sound from the violin. I was thinking though, for my class, I bet the teacher freaks out, that I'm playing with an electric, even though, I won't drag the amp there. I do plan on purchasing an acoustic violin in late october in Romania, when I'm there though. I'll have to think of plenty of reasons to allow me to use the electric until I return from Romania for class.

Now, have any of you been to Romania, specifically Transylvania? The one souvenir I'd like to return with, is a gypsy violin, meaning a violin bought from a gypsy, or at least originally owned by a gypsy. Any suggestions on where to find something like this?


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July 24, 2005 18:52

Today, I trimmed my nails in anticipation of playing again. I've also repolished the violin, taking the flakes of rosen off and it's looking great now. I've thought about sanding the tips of my fingers every day too. Does anybody do that to help build callouses?

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July 23, 2005 20:52

I ordered an acoustic amplifier for my violin today. I've been using a Pandora PX4 with headphones, but now would like real amplified sound. Of course, you'd ask, why would I use an amplifier anyway, my violin is all electric, one of John Jordan's (jordanmusic.com). Anyway, can't wait to use the amp, it's a Genz Benz Shen Pro.

This Fall, I'm taking some violin classes through Santa Monica College. My boss is allowing me to take these classes even though they are during work hours. I love understanding workplaces like that.

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