November 2005

private lessons here i come

November 26, 2005 18:05

I decided to now take private lessons. I like my orchestra class, but I'm finding it moving so slowly, that I'm hardly even doing the practice exercises. I need to be challenged. I'm investigating the local instructors here in the LA area, and am finding a wide variety in prices and experience. I think I'll settle on someone that is classically trained and belongs to an orchestra though. I'm looking forward to it. I bet whoever I go to will be surprised at such a mature student though;)

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string height?

November 24, 2005 08:43

I was just playing my acoustic violin, put it down, and picked up my electric. I noticed the string height was a lot different. I was wondering if one, the other or both violins are out of whack as it were.

My electric height at E is 2.79 mm, at G it's 3.04 mm.

My acoustic height at E is 3.63 mm, at G it's 4.82 mm.

Anybody have input on these things?

The electric has no body being a Jordan violin, to interfere with the bow (, so I guess it can basically have as low strings as it wants. But what about the acoustic?

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violin kiddos...

November 22, 2005 22:31

i've been looking at the master class lessons at i realize the target audience for this site is probably younger people (i'm 35), but i can't help but look at all these young kids that are a LOT better than i am. it's disheartening, but i'll keep trying. kudos to the young kiddies, you all make us older begginners look bad.

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November 21, 2005 07:15

I was practicing last night and got a bit frustrated. I'm taking up violin again, after a 20 year break (that's right 20 years). I've been playing about 6 months now, and here is what is killing me. I'm playing the pieces well, but I've got no vibratto. I used to have it when I was 12, not sure how to pick it up again. Can somebody give me some pointers? My left hand is sitting their dead, and I need to make it 'undead';)

Oh, also, I'm looking for the sheet music for "Transylvanian Lullaby" by John Morris. If anybody has that, please tell me the publisher, so I can contact them for a copy.

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Transylvania and Violins

November 19, 2005 20:08

I just returned from a trip to Transylvania in Romania for the Dracula tour. One of my main goals was to purchase a violin made in the area to be used as my primary acoustic violin. As I was on a tour group, I really didn't have the time to go to a music store. I did find some violins the antique stores sold, but they weren't playable, and were charging a bundle. It was like were gouging the tourist.

Anyway, after returning I searched the internet and found a violin maker (Gliga) from Transylvania and better for me their USA office is in Pasadena, just outside LA. I ended up getting a GAMA Super model, and love it. I'm constantly surprised though, how much more I can hear from this violin rather than my electric. I'm courious to hear what you all think of Gliga violins too.

Oh, if you want to see some pictures from the trip, take a look here:


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