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August 2006

Going to Melbourne!

August 30, 2006 06:26

My mum brought up the subject of my 21st birthday today. I hadn't even started thinking about it - it's in APRIL!! I've kinda got a recital, some exams and the whole graduating thing before then, let alone starting the conversion course to get my bachelors.

Anyway, she said that I would get the same offer that my sister got - a trip to Melbourne. That's awesome. I was born in Melbourne, but we left there when I was three, so I don't remember anything of it, despite my mothers near constant reminders about things there. But I'm really looking forward to going to Melbourne. I'm hoping that there will be an Eagles match there whenever I go (I support the West Coast Eagles in the AFL), but if not, I'll hopefully get along to a game at the MCG (Basically the hallowed ground, it has held all of the AFL Grand Finals).

I'm also going to try and see if I can get a lesson from one of the Melbourne Conservatory teachers while I'm there. William Hennessey is the head of strings there, and while it would be awesome to have a lesson from him, I think having a lesson from any of the teachers there would be great.

On other topics, my string quartet chose a new piece today. We were doing the Beethoven C# Minor, but found it too difficult to get into, so we've decided on Mozart D Major, K. 499 (Hoffmeister). I was trying to push the Barber Op. 11 String quartet, because the adagio is soooo beautiful, so mournful. But they decided Mozart. I think Mozart is probably a better choice for our quartet anyway - we fit better into the classical style.

But I ordered the Barber anyway. I'd love to perform it somewhere, and it's the piece I think I would love to have played at my funeral. Longway off, but oh well.

I think that's all that's happening atm, at least I hope it is, because that means I haven't forgotten anything.

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I'm letting myself down

August 23, 2006 00:37

I just realised that my name dissappeared from the blogs list. I'm not really doing a good enough job am I?

It's not that I haven't been doing much, it's just been all the same sort of stuff.

Today, I had a lecture on Occupational Health and Safety. Talked about various things, such as Stretching, Diet, Stress (Emotional, Physical and Chemical), and Hearing. In light of reading some of the statistics, I've decided to try some earplugs.

Just some of the statistics: Prolonged exposure to noise levels of 95dB-120dB will cause hearing loss. Violins head around the 75dB-95dB range. A full orchestra can peak around 137dB. A Jet engine ranks in at 140dB.

So I asked my mum if she had any (I remember that my dad bought her some when he was snoring badly). She had two sets left. I'm going to try some out during my practice session tonight, and also during an orchestral rehearsal that I have on Saturday.

I've kinda joined an orchestra, but haven't really. It's a project set up by one of the conductors in Perth, an Orchestral Repertoire project. Basically, we rock up to the venue, take our seats, and play through the symphonic repertoire. The session I'm going to on Saturday we'll be playing through three Beethoven Symphonies, 5, 6 and 7. We just have the three hour session - no performances, no other rehearsals. It's a great opportunity to try out the orchestral repertoire, and also it opens the opportunity to try out Concertos and other such things in later sessions. I'm really looking forward to the session, not only to play the symphonies, but also to meet new players.

That's it for now. Sorry, no fancy pictures like other people, but if you want to add me to your myspace, feel free.

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