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Ben Clapton

Program finalised... happy happy happy

July 25, 2006 at 1:06 PM

I've been organising a concert, in aid of a charity. I think just about everything that could've gone wrong has gone wrong... but it will all work out in the end.

First of all, I received the date in April, and almost immediately asked two friends who I wanted to perform with. They agreed, and seeing as the concert was in July, I just assumed that they had put it in their diaries (which is something that I would do if asked to be in a concert), and left it at that.

I got around to organising an accompanist. My first choice wasn't available. My second choice completely dissappeared. My third was on holidays and only got back a week and a half before the concert - thankfully she was willing to do it.

I went to remind one player, and tell the other of the accompanist. The pianist (who obviously didn't need a rehearsal with accompanist) had just recently taken a job that worked Sundays (the day of the concert) and needed two weeks notice to get a day off. She hadn't given the notice (She obviously didn't put the concert in her diary. Oh well), so I made other arrangements. I added an extra piece to my program, and figured the vocalist (the other person whom I had arranged to perform that day) could add a piece or two to his program.

I called him, and couldn't get through. Left a message. Couple of days later, no return call. I placed a new call, left a message. Still no answer. It seems that he also has dissappeared. Very odd.

Added another piece to my program. Gave the accompanist the music - she doesn't think we can get it together in time. But we'll see. Maybe just one, maybe two movements.

Called a friend, asked if he'd like to play some jazz with me. Said he was busy. I said ok, I can add an extra unaccompanied piece to my program. Tis ok.
He called back, had mixed up his dates, and was able to accompany me. Yay! 3 jazz pieces added to my program. Oh I do like Jazz.

So, the final program stands as
Meditation from Thais by Massenet
One, possibly two movements from Dvorak's Sonatina Op. 100
Good Morning Blues
Tuxedo Junction
Take Five

(THere's also a Salvation Army Band who will be performing.)

The theme of the concert is Inspiration, so I'm really glad to be able to include some jazz, which really inspired me, meditation - which everyone loves, and the dvorak which kept me going in my final year of high school.

So all is good.

I should probably also mention what happened to me on the weekend. I was on a training camp for a christian retreat that I'll be attending, and was collecting firewood for a bonfire. Me and a mate were lifting a large-ish log. He lost his footing, dropped the log, and the log rolled. Unfortunately, the log rolled the wrong way, and brought it smack bang onto the left side of my neck. Painful, and I didn't realise the repercussions it would have. I was due to play violin later that day, so stayed on, and tried to play. Ended up fudging the posture, as I couldn't hold the violin up to my neck - too much pain.
As it is, I haven't yet practiced my violin since - though I'm hoping tomorrow I should be able to. The muscular pain has subsided, and the pain that is there when I apply pressure to my neck is diminishing as well, so hopefully all is good.

I'm back at uni now as well. I wish I had an extra week of holidays, but it's nice to be back as well.

From John Lanceley
Posted on July 25, 2006 at 2:14 PM
Wow, thats unlucky! You should have given me a call, I could sort you out with some gypsy violin stuff (Zig, Czardas) at short notice.
From Pauline Lerner
Posted on July 26, 2006 at 5:51 AM
That's quite a bunch of misadventures, Ben. I hope that your neck heals quickly and thoroughly and that the concert goes smoothly. I didn't know that you play jazz. Please write about it sometime for us. I'd love to learn.

Oh yes, if you'd pay my airfare, I'd be glad to play in your concert with you.

From Ben Clapton
Posted on July 26, 2006 at 8:43 AM
Pauline, if I had the money, I would not only pay for your air fare, but also accomodate you, and gladly welcome you onto the program.

John, I didn't contact you because I needed to finalise things as quickly as possible - otherwise I would be so stressed that I would have to pull out.

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