February 2006

Violin lesson, practice goals...

February 27, 2006 01:10

Got to uni at 8:15 today. My lesson is supposed to start at 8:45. I figured a half hour to warm up would be helpful. Unfortunately, EVERY practice room, and every other room was taken. I had no-where to warm up. Fortunately, one of my friends was practicing in the music auditorium on the organ so I went and listened to him for a while.

Lesson was good. We did a session on Meditation from Thais, which I taught myself. I'm going to play it for string class on friday. We also had a bit of a look through the Beethoven, and I also got fingerings for the Bach and the music for the Sarasate. My teacher is going to pick up a few bows for me to try out. I think this is a great idea, because he will have a better idea of quality than I do, so I'm sure he will pick out the best bow for me.

Sat down to do my practice goals for this week. I got this idea out of The inner game of music, and I think it's quite a smart idea. I haven't really been doing it long, but I can see that the longer I do it, the more used to doing it I get. I have already been shaping my goals and thinking about them when I'm writing them. So although "Increase knowledge of major repertoire for solo & chamber violin" doesn't sound very specific, I know that in order to increase that knowledge, I can do a number of things - listen to the major works, read scores of the major works, form chamber groups to increase my knowledge of the chamber works, play through bits of sonatas and concerti etc.

Well, time for me to get back to practice. My goal for this week is to be able to play through the exposition (if a little undertempo) of my beethoven sonata for my lesson next week, and of course, to perform Meditation from Thais at string class on friday.

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Old violin sold, history lecturer's anticts

February 23, 2006 07:55

Well, my old violin has finally been sold. I've had it on the market for two years now, and it has been on consignment for 6 months before it got sold. Yay! I can now buy that new bow that I've been needing for the past two years. I'll head back to the luthier on monday to try out some bows. I'm not sure whether to go with a slightly cheaper than my budget carbon fibre bow (Coda Conservatory) or go right on my budget and get a wooden bow. I'm leaning towards carbon fibre, 1) because it's better for the environment, 2) because I'm probably going to get a better quality bow with better reactions than the wooden one, and 3) it's cheaper, which means I can probably get some sheet music and cd's as well :)

Had my history 2 lecture today. I'm recording my history lectures as a study technique. It means that if i miss something in my notes I can go back to it later, and I can play the lecture in my sleep to help memorise. I keep telling my mum that this isn't all i'll be doing, it's just one of the things.
Anyway, listening to todays recording, it amazed me how many times she said "um" - you'd think a fairly educated person who knows the topic she's talking about wouldn't say it so much... oh well.
She also doesn't know the end of beethoven's 5th symphony. She managed to turn what was supposed to be straight quavers into triplets!!! Well, she is a double bassist, so I guess you can't expect too much from her!

Apart from that, all is going well.

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3 things...

February 20, 2006 08:41

First official day back at uni today (other days were just orientation days, actually had classes today). Was pretty good. My teacher decided to add the Weiniawski Etudes Op. 18 to my repertoir, which will be fun to learn. I like Weiniawski.

In Eneksis (a choir I sing in), we spent some time introducing ourselves, as we had new members to the choir. As part of that, we told the choir one thing that they didn't know about us. I thought, what the hey, I may as well do that on here.

So Here you go, three things that I don't think you know about me.

1. I collect Phantom Comics.
Yes, it's true. I'm a comic collector. I'm not sure how many I have at the moment, but I'm pretty sure it's over 50. Wait a minute, let me go check. 87. 87 Phantom Comics, and that's not including replicas that come with the annuals, or the bonus booklet on lee Falk that just came out to help celebrate the 70th birthday of the Phantom. With another 31 comics coming this year, I'm sure to break the 100 mark sometime in the middle of the year.

2. I'm a second-generation PK
Yup, that's right, not only am I a PK, but i'm a second generation PK. What's a PK? I hear you ask. PK can stand for a number of things all meaning the same thing: Preachers Kid, Pastor's Kid, Priests Kid. They're all the same thing. My dad's a priest and my mum is a deacon - both in the anglican church. Before they moved to the Anglican Church, they were both ordained ministers in the Churches of Christ. So what makes me a second-generation PK? The fact that my paternal grandfather (my dad's dad) was also a priest in the Churches of Christ. Now, many people would think that that means I'm going to get a calling to become a priest one day. Personally, I don't think so, I believe music is my calling, so I don't plan on getting ordained any time soon.

3. I am a geek
Yup, I admit it. I enjoy spending time on my computer. I really enjoyed learning XHTML and CSS and redesigning my website, which I had only redesigned just one year ago (which is not long in internet terms). I have learnt Visual Basic, and now use as little Microsoft software as possible - I use Mozilla instead of Internet explorer and outlook, I use OpenOffice.org instead of Microsoft office, I even use Notepad2 instead of the microsoft notepad that they provide with windows.

Well that's it for now. It'd be interesting for some people to add their three (truthful) things that people on here don't know about them. What the heck.

Oh, and I'd just like to say Hi to Emma, who spent the last 15 minutes refreshing my blog page while waiting for me to update it.

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Back to Uni

February 16, 2006 06:49

Went back to uni today. Ongoing students had two days of "orientation" in which we basically got told the stuff that had changed, and had an opportunity to meet all the new students. Fun stuff.

Looks like my timetable will be pretty good - have almost all of monday free, and a fair bit of tuesday. My days don't go too late, and don't start too early. Leaves me lots of time for practice and study, which I'll need, especially doing two history units.

It has also happened that I will be house-sitting a friend's house for three months (March-May). I'm looking forward to that. Because it's at the start of the uni semester, I'll have a fair bit of time to myself and will hopefully be able to spend a lot of time practicing and studying (and not just practicing and studying, but doing it effectively as well). Of course, I'll need to make sure I spend time looking after the house and the pets, but other than that I think it will be a fun time.

On a slightly sadder note, I had to rush over to my girlfriends place tonight. It looks like her family is on the verge of some troubles and she was feeling kinda sad. I rushed over and comforted her for a few hours - made her feel a lot better. I'm not asking for anyone to pray for her, as I haven't asked her if she's fine with that, however feel free to pray for me (if that is what you believe) as I support her during this time.

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Owwy Owwy Owwy!

February 7, 2006 00:36

Note: This blog contains EXTREEM graphic descriptions. Read with caution. You have been warned.

No, that's not a spelling mistake celebrating something Australian. Last night was a bit of a shocker. Last night, I had a case of diarrhea, a toothache, and then just as I was settling down to sleep, an earwig bit me (not in the ear, luckily). That made the whole night a restless one. Every little odd feeling I felt had me reaching down to make sure there wasn't some insect down there.

Toothache got worse today. Was literly writhing in pain. At one point I felt like I was about to throw up because of the pain. I managed to get a dentists appointment (something I should've done a long time ago). I hate dentists. I hate going there. I especially hate the high speed drill that they use. But I needed to go. I needed a root canal done (and the dentist said that He couldn't see how I'd left it for so long, it was so inflamed). But the hard parts done now, and the dentist was actually pretty nice. So I'll be going back there, a lot more regularly than I have been in the past.

That's it for now.

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