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June 2005

June 26, 2005 21:00

Well I've finished all of my exams now. I think i've passed everything, which would be nice.

I'm still thinking of a name for my new piece. i haven't had any suggestions, which is slightly annoying. I do have one name that I came up with that is growing on me the more I think about it. Instinctus Magnus - latin for "a strong feeling of Inspiration." It's special as my parish (which the piece was written for) has a parish prayer, and in one of the lines it says "Strengthen and Inspire us on our lives together" - I think I will go with that name. However I will leave the file up there until the end of this month as I had said.

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June 20, 2005 23:02

I had my Technical Exam yesterday. I think it went fairly well. I believe I passed, though I won't find out for a few weeks. I've taken the rest of this week off to give my body a bit of a break, and so I can focus on my written exams. I have one on thursday, history, and one on friday, harmony.

I had a gig last night, performing one of the composers pieces at a new music club. It was great fun, and I wouldn't mind doing it again, so long as it's a good piece. There were some pieces there that to me are like "Yea, it's a bunch of notes put together randomly" - the types of pieces I hate. I prefer functional harmony.

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June 15, 2005 18:51

Well, I still can't think of a name for it yet (my new composition). I've decided to let the readers listen to it and give me some comments - not only of any ideas for a name, but also what they think of the composition.

I offered to write this piece for my church as a gift to them for the 10th Anniversary of the Consecration of our worship center (we missed the 10th anniversary of the start of the church, so we're making this a big one). It's scored for Violins 1 and 2, Viola, Cello and Double Bass - at our church we have a strings group that play fairly regularly, approx 6 violins, viola, 2 celli and a double bass.

It starts off with the celli and double bass tapping on the body of their instruments - imitating the knocking on the door that the archbishop does when he opens a church. The upper strings then imitate in pizzicato establishing the key signature. WE then move into a triumphant theme, majestic, moving into a few different areas. We then move into D minor, showing a dark period. After a small transitional period, we move into a fugato section, where the many parts work together each doing their own thing to make a whole. This resembles the TEAM ministry that we are now involved in.

Please, let me know what you think, either in the comments here, or through an e-mail. I'd be much obliged.

Download the MP3 here (7.5MB) Available until June 30.

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June 14, 2005 03:32

Well, I've finished my first composition for this year - a piece for String Ensemble that was written for the 10th Anniversary of the Consecration of my Church. As of right now, the only thing missing is a name. I'm stumped, I have absolutely no idea. Hopefully I shall be able to come up with something soon.

I didn't get much practice done today, feeling really bad. On the brink of a cold. I preferred just to keep myself warm and try to get myself better so that at least I'm healthy for my exam, rather than practicing and not getting better. We'll see how I go tomorrow.

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June 12, 2005 23:06

I had my lesson today. Jacek talked to me shortly about my e-mail to him about my plans. He still has a lot to talk about and we shall discuss it in more detail after the break. We spent the lesson on technical work, preparing myself for my exam, a week from today. I'm spending this entire week on technical work, and then after the exam, swapping over to one scale a week, all scales, practiced every day.

Jacek explained to me how careful practice of technical work will improve my intonation, and also being "co-operative" with him - ie telling him everything that I am doing in uni, which includes chamber music etc. He didn't quite understand everything, but that shall be explained fully in our conversation after the break.

I've just finished "An Equal Music" by Vikram Seth. A great book, it describes perfectly the relationship between a player and his instrument so wonderfully. I connected with Michael so well as I too have been blessed by the loan of a great instrument that I know will one day have to be given back, but am not certain of when.

I will now be focussing on a couple of books I have gotten out of the library for "Holiday reading" - at the moment, Auer's "Violin Playing as I teach it." I also have "6 Lessons with Yehudi Menhuin", and two Geminiani books - "A tretise on Good taste in the art of Musick[sic]" and "TheArt of Playing on the Violin"

I also plan to do an analysis of the Mozart Concerto in D Major (No. 4) in the hope that I will understand it better and will hopefully aid in performance.

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June 5, 2005 20:33

Most of us dream of becoming soloists - playing the . However, for many of us that dream is beyond our reach for many reasons - physical limitations, time, age, etc etc.

However, There are other dreams. When thinking about a couple of comments I have had recently, It got me thinking again that I would like to be a soloist. I'm never going to be at a standard to be an Orchestral Soloist, or at a standard to be able to tour, but Something that would be a bit more attainable would be a Soloist in my home town.

Something is missing in Perth. Recitals. Sure, we have the end of year recitals from the graduating students from the two Music schools, but the rest of the year there is nothing, and most of the time many people don't know about these graduation recitals.

I have never heard a soloist perform live any of the Major Sonatas, I've never heard the Bach S&P live except as encores at Orchestral Performances. This just isn't right.

I am now going to work hard to get myself to a technical standard that I can perform Sonatas in Perth. I'm fine if I earn most of my money from teaching, but I want to be able to give the people of Perth, especially the students, a chance to hear the other repertoire. The Beethoven Sonatas, the Brahms Sonatas. There is so much material there that is just never performed. No wonder our graduates can't give a really good interpretation - they haven't heard live soloists.

I don't know whether I'll get there, or how long this dream of mine will last, but anyhow, if I work hard, it will be beneficial for me, no matter where I go.

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June 3, 2005 06:15

Well semester is over. I now have two weeks of study break to get ready for my practical exam and two written exams (Harmony and History).

Planning my week today, my friend Z looked over and asked me how much practice I was planning. 6 hours a day. Straight. She was shocked. couldn't believe that someone could do that much. I really want to ace my technical exam.

Well, I think I shall get to work on my composition. I'm thinking i'll rework the fugue. Either that, or clean up my website. I forgot to put my ads on there. no money making for me...

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June 2, 2005 03:17

Concert Practice Performance - Suk Appassionato

I was hoping to get this recorded, but things fell apart, and I didn't end up having a recording device available. I will hope to have one available for my next one - which looks like being the AUSTA String Festival.

My performance went quite well, with positive feedback all round. My teacher was pleasently suprised. My right elbow dropping and bow hand tensing up meant my sound quality wasn't as good as it could have been, but comments were that my tone had improved alot. I performed by memory, and that was questioned, however I still feel comfortable with memorising my pieces, as I don't think I would have gone as well if I had the music out there.

Anyway, I'm performing in string class tomorrow. I was going to do the Suk again, but I don't think that it'd be very worthwhile to me, as I wouldn't have been able to change anything. I think I'll play some Bach instead - the Largo from the C Major.

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