February 2005

February 27, 2005 06:55

Unfortunately, the teaching job I got doesn't want me. :(
Apparently one of the old teachers who once taught there was available to teach there and the students preferred to have her rather than someone new. So once again I'm looking for a teaching job.

It's annoying, because I only got to teach three students on one night. I got paid for it, but really I would've preferred them to give me a couple of nights. But I guess it's better they let me know earlier.

Oh well, I guess it's back to night fill and hoping that a student comes along one day. Perhaps I should contact some of the schools around my area and give them my contact details so that I'm on file if a vacancy arises.

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February 23, 2005 01:16

Just a quick entry, as I'm kinda in a rush. I've just been offered a job teaching violin and I start tonight - i'll be leaving in 15 mins.

Man, I'm so pumped for this, and it's come at such an opportune moment. I've been looking for a job, to help suppliment my night fill job, and this one pops up. I was recommended by a girl from uni, who also teaches there. She feels that it's such a good job that it should go to someone she knows.

Man, I'm so looking forward to this. I best go have something to eat. Talk soon!

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February 22, 2005 08:21

Well uni is back and I'm so glad. the past couple of weeks I've been rather bored. Unfortunately, due to the normal hassels, I won't get a confirmed timetable for a couple of weeks, which can be annoying to try and schedule practice and fitting it in etc.

We have a viola! This is the first time for a while I think that the institution has had a viola. I'm so happy. I've already met her and told her that I'm going to snatch her and form a string quartet or trio or something. There are two music institutions in Perth - The Conservatorium of WA based at WAAPA@ECU, and The School of Music at the University of WA. The School of Music has more funding, therefore the majority of string students and just over 50% of brass and woodwind students go there. The con however has an extremly good practical course, and courses in vocal and percussion. Therefore, string students at the con, while they receive (in my opinion) a better education, we don't get as many of them.

That being said, we do have a fair few violins this year. Though I think they need a bit of an attitude check. We had a meeting with our teacher on Monday, and basically told them what he wanted them to prepare for their lesson etc etc. He told them about the scales he'd ask for in the mid year technical exam and the studies (Kreutzer 2 and 5). They all seemed to go "aw not them, Kreutzer 12." Saying that they're better than them. In my opinion, Kreutzer 2 and 5 are essential studies for every player, and should be played at least once every day. Personally, I do it at least twice - once in the middle of hte bow, and once near the frog.

Also, a couple of them seemed to not want to give the teacher a chance, saying "oh, I'm trying to see if I can have my lessons with this teacher." I mean no disrespect to that teacher, but there's a reason why my teacher is at the con, and that's because he's a bloody good teacher. They're not even giving him a chance, not even one lesson and they're wanting to change teachers.

There is one student, a final year who transferred from UWA to ECU who is looking to study with a different teacher, and that I can understand because she has been with him for some time, and he is an incredibly good player. But the first years, I can see no reason for them to even attempt to get a different teacher.

Oh well, I must be off, organise my practice for tomorrow, where I can. Luckily only two classes tomorrow :)

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February 10, 2005 08:48

I've recently been considering applying for the Great Wall Acadamy music school thing, which is being run in July/August. I'd really like to go, and think I'd just about be at the right level, it's just that I don't have any pieces.

The audition requirements are this:
2 movements of Bach
a Romantic Concerto
a "transcendental study"

Bach I should be able to do, and I think I have a study of the right level. It's just the romantic concerto. I e-mailed the organisers saying if they'd accept Mozart 4, to which they responded that they would. Now I must make a decision:
There's 4 weeks until applications close. In that time I must learn Mozart 4 and brush up my Bach if I want to apply. If I apply and get accepted, I then have to find $7500 or so to be able to attend. Not easy for someone who only earns $30/week.

There is a possibility of getting a grant which would help with the payment. However, that then leaves the issue of whether I can be prepared to record a piece on 4 weeks.

I worked on the exposition today, spent an hour on it. I think that I am an outside opportunity to get there. Therefore, should I work hard and then be disappointed that I didn't get there? No, I don't think that's for me.

However, What I think I'll do is work to have the piece ready in a month. If it's not ready, that's ok, I've broken the back of it, and can work on my other pieces for my A.Mus exam. I've already performed one piece, the Suk Appassionato, which would leave me with the final two movements of the Bach C Major Sonata, Mozart 4 first two movements, and Brahms 78 or Schumann 105 (still haven't decided).

If I then get the Mozart ready by the application date, I can apply and see how I go. If not, there's always next year.

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