December 2005

2006 - what does it hold in store for Ben?

December 31, 2005 18:20

I thought seeing as it's 2006, I'd spend a bit of time to outline what my year is shaping up like.

Recital Preperations - I've got my end of year recital in November, and will be preparing for that. I have to do pretty much everything except book the venue. I need to decide on an accompanist as I've decided the one that i had been using gets too busy around then and hence is likely to not be available or double book herself... so I'll need to get used to a new one... I need to create advertising, programs, etc etc.

Finish Diploma - Because I failed History 2 last year, I have decided to double up and do History 2 and 3 concurrently to try and finish in the same amount of time. It's going to be tough, and I'm going to have no life, but I'd much rather complete the course this year than spend another year just to complete one unit.

Perform often - I want to perform my pieces as often as possible, including Competitions and in WOrkshops at uni. I'm also going to organise a concert towards the middle of the year as a fundraiser. Usually I've been doing it at the end of the year, but it just gets WAY to busy.

Teaching - I've now got about 4 or 5 students so that will be something to look forward to. From my older student who I'm trying to get him to understand that it's Fun, not a chore, to my youngest student who is just so CUTE! For example, on our last lesson, she asked Why don't we use our thumb? I had absolutely no idea, except that we don't. Now that's not a good enough reason for a 6 year old, so I had to try and think something up. We'll try again this year :)

Symphony - I'd still like to try and do some work on my Symphony that I've been workin on. It's going to take a while, and I think it would be an idea if I dropped it off, and did a smaller project. A string quartet or somethign like that. In fact, I think I will.

Spending Time with my Girl - Ahh, Aleesha means so much to me. I upset her sometimes because I get so busy that the time we do spend together it's hard for me to relax. This year is going to be worse than most, and I'm going to have to set aside time so that I can just be with her and not have to worry about anything else. But I do love her, more than anything else, although sometimes it is hard for her to see it, I do, and we will always be together.

Well, that's just a brief outlook at my year. I hope you can see that I will be extreemly busy, so if I don't get on to blog as often as I have, I hope you'll understand why :)

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Christmas presents

December 27, 2005 05:47

Well, seeing as everyone's posting about what they got for christmas, I guess I may as well.

Berlioz - Symphonie Fantastique recording
Glenn Gould's 1981 recording of Bach's Goldberg Variations
Bach's The Art of Fugue score
A pad of 12 stave manuscript
some chocolate
a couple of torches
How to change the world for less than $10 a day (book)
Dr Karl's Dis information (book)

But best of all was a gift my parents got for my girlfriend and me: Tickets to the Mozart Birthday Gala Concert that my local Symphony Orchestra is putting on - the program includes Mozart's first symphony, his last (Jupiter), Mozart's Oboe Concerto (Performed by Diana Doherty), a selection of aria's sung by Fiona Campbell, and the Adagio for Violin and Orchestra (Performed by Paul Wright).


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Merry Christmas from Perth

December 19, 2005 17:09

The most iconic image of perth - the skyline.

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December 4, 2005 21:33

Thank-you everyone for your kind comments. I find it kind of funny how people say "I'm so sorry" for something they had absolutely no control over. I know the meaning meant, but it's still kinda funny.

I've just had a really nice lunch (I'll post the recipie below) and am just about to start my practice session. I've decided that I'm going to work on my Brahms Sonata and my Mozart Concerto, as these were my newest works and I'd like to get a bit more done on them, I'm going to work on my technical stuff, perhaps learn a few more Kreutzer Etudes, and I've also decided to start working my way through the Mendelssohn Sonata. It looks real nice, not too hard, yet a challenge at the same time. I've no idea what level it is, but i'm gonna give it a shot.

Anyway, I had Baghdad Eggs for lunch today. Since I'm at home for lunch most days, I'm just trying out some different recipies, with what we have around in the house. We have eggs, and I felt like eggs, but I kinda wanted something different than just a couple of hard boiled eggs - nice, but I wanted more taste.

So, to make Baghdad Eggs, melt some butter in a frying pan, and when it starts to foam, drop in a clove of garlic, finely sliced. Cook for about 30 secs until it starts to change colour, then add a tablespoon of lemon juice and two eggs, then fry gently until set (I recommend a low heat, as if it's on high the white will start to bubble and spit before the yolk is cooked). Sprinkle over a good pinch of cumin and serve on some toast or flatbread. Season with some salt, pepper and a few shredded mint leaves. Very tasty.

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How could I have been so stupid??

December 3, 2005 19:15

The audition I was supposed to have today... was yesterday. I misread the day, so I've missed my audition for the youth orchestra, which means I won't be playing in one this year. Oh well, I was considering not going for it, so I guess this was just my inner conscience saying "Don't Audition, work on your solo work instead"

I'll have to work extra hard now to get this chamber group set up, just so that I have something to do.

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December 3, 2005 01:59

I've got my audition tomorrow. I've been practicing my excerpts hard, and they're no-where near ready, but we'll see how we go.

Anyway, to answer your question Dan, the break is one to relax my body. When you're playing quite a lot, tension builds up in your body, and you need a break. My teacher told me that I needed to take at least 4 weeks and at most 6 weeks to relax my body (and mind) and when I get back into playing I hopefully will have dropped any bad habits that were picked up. And it should also allow me to get back into a really good practice schedule as I'll need to pick that up again.

Don't worry, there's no way that I will be giving up the violin. I'm entering the last year of my diploma, have a recital at the end of the year, and am planning to spend the rest of my life involved with music. :>

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Summer Holiday Project

December 1, 2005 16:58

I've decided that this summer, while i'm supposed to be taking a break from the violin, that I'm going to paint my room. It's about time that it has a repaint (it's been at least 10 years).

What I've decided is that the north, west and eastern walls of my room will be a white, maybe not pure white, but a white-based colour. The eastern wall will be a brown colour the colour of my violin. I will stencil in two large f-holes on either side of my computer (which is situated on the eastern wall), and then f-holes on either side of my door.

Yes, I'm a violin geek.

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