October 2005


October 31, 2005 07:52

Too much on... too many things due... not enough time to study, let alone practice, let alone relax.

Why am I hitting myself on the head with a hammer? Because it feels so good when I stop.

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Jobs, Goals, practice.

October 20, 2005 15:12

Remember that job I talked about? Middle of september? I eventually decided to call them up, and just see what it would involve. The manager had since decided that it would be good to have a number of positions filled by people with specific skills, as opposed to one person who would probably have to learn a number of things. So I've now got a new job which should give me more hours than my current one (which means more money, especially since they pay more). The goal is that I work a large amount of hours over the holidays so that come late january/early febuary I can start looking for a good bow to replace my really cheap one that I've held onto for far too long.

I've decided that this morning I want to start a Piano Trio. I've fell in love with one of the Brahms Piano Trios, and want to see if I can put it together to play in my recital at the end of next year. Would be grand - the first movement is just soooo lovely. The first trio - Op. 8. Go listen to it... just sublime.

Practice - something I need to be doing more of - is happening. Working on my Mozart at the moment. Would like to get it to performance standard for the last concert practice of the year, as it would be nice to get a performance of it in there.

I've got a date set for a public concert which will support a charity that I'm involved in. November 13 will see me (and a few friends) put on a concert in the city to allow me to not only get some extra performance practice of my pieces for my exam (the day after) but get my name and face out there :) plus raise funds for (in my opinion) an extreemly important organisation.

But anyway, it's morning, and I'm hungry, need to have breakfast.

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Rehearsals, both good and bad...

October 15, 2005 15:49

Yesterday I had two rehearsals. One was the rehearsal for the orchestra I'm in. We've got a concert next week, so we were basically running through everything.
It was a fairly good rehearsal, in that we got everything that we needed done and it sounds pretty good. It was bad in that I was totally shot afterwards. We finished off with a piece by Delius, "On hearing the first cuckoo of spring" which is a really quiet piece which requires so much control that my body was absolutely spent. I had to cancel my student's lesson that day because there was no way I would be in any shape to give a lesson.

The other rehearsal I had was much nicer. It was the first run through of my composition, Instinctus et Magnus (which I have talked about previously in these blogs). It went pretty well. Very well, I might say. Two sections that we need to work on to put together, the beginning and the end. Apart from that it's sounding pretty good.

I'm hoping to record it and place it on my website, however I think I need to get permission of the performers, which means I'll need to do some research into what is neccessary to ask them to sign.

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Isn't it odd...

October 11, 2005 08:04

Isn't it odd how sometimes you can go through a rough spot of creativity, getting nothing for weeks, or months, or for what seems an eternity. Then one day, a spark, and it floods and something just happens?

That happened for me today. After working rather hard last year with my compositions (I think I did 7 in total), I felt this year had been rather dry, with only my composition for my Church's anniversary being completed so far this year. I had done a lot of work on some other pieces, but it just never came to fruition.

Yesterday, I decided to just sit down at the piano and write down whatever came to my head. Something came, but it wasn't much.

However, today, I found a site with a calling for submissions for a student composition competition, writing of a capella Vocal Ensemble. Well, that was my spark. I had some ideas for a vocal piece a while ago, so I fetched out my ideas, but didn't like it for this one, so I went to my trusty Norton. No, not the Anthology of Music, but the Anthology of Poetry (It's actually my mum's). I just looked through there and found a poem that I liked. Timor Mortis, by an anonymous poet from the 15th Century.

Anyway, the music just seemed to flow out of me - starting from about 5pm that afternoon, it's now nearly 11pm and I've got the majority of a composition completed.

Now why can't I find that spark every time I want to compose?

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Symphony of Peace

October 4, 2005 19:49

I've decided to kind of start a new series in my blogs. I had an idea to start to work on a symphony. It was originally a reflection on these terrorist events that are happening, but rather than being downtrodden about it, and focussing on the nasty side of it, I decided that I wanted to focus on a more optimistic side.
My original idea was a Symphony for the Brotherhood of Man, but now I am thinking more towards a Symphony of Peace. Over the next few months/years, I shall publish in this blog regular updates of what I've been doing, how I've been feeling etc. Note that I'm doing this on the side of my Studies and work etc, so I won't get a lot of work done every day, but I do plan on getting some done every week.

So, the work done so far was deciding the Key and Form, which I did last night. THe plan is to focus around C Major - it's pure in the sense that there are no sharps or flats, and Beethoven used it in the Fifth symphony to represent an optimisum and triumph over fate.

The form will be a standard Symphonic form - the first movement being that of Sonata Form, with themes representing Unity and Peace. The second movement, a slower Rondo (5 part) Using a choir with the text based on the word "Peace" in many different languages. This is representing the fact that peace will not happen if just one person does it, but everyone will need to work towards it. The third movement I have decided will be a scherzo. My reason is that when we have world peace (which I believe we will one day), it will be joyous. THe final movement I haven't decided on what form it will take yet, but I will be using a choir, with text based on quotes from noted figures about peace.

I searched this morning for some peaceful quotes (taken from the San Antonio peaceCENTER website) and have found a number of ones I think I can use. My favourite one so far is

If we don't stop the bomb who will take care of the flowers? - Neil J. Seattle, Age 9

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