December 2004

December 29, 2004 00:33

I went to my local classical cd store today, get some cd's of my violin repertoir for next year. I'm keeping my Suk Appasionata, adding some Bach (already got a cd of them), Mozart Number 4, and a sonata by Brahms, Elgar or Schubert. I got the Brahms and Elgar today, as well as the Mozart Concerto, and I ordered the Schubert (the AMus syllabus just had to include one of the rarer schumann sonatas now didn't it? The cd of the Brahms sonata had a schumann sonata on it, but it was number 2, and I needed number 1.) I should have it in about three weeks, still plenty of time to decide.

I'm currently listening to the Brahms, and will then put the elgar on.

Brahms (No. 1 in G Major, op. 78) for me, I was expecting something different. It seems rather slow, all the way through. It's a lovely sonata, but not really what I was expecting. I guess I was expecting something a bit more showy, especially from the third movement. I guess you can be showy in other aspects, but not really what I wanted.

The Elgar sonata in E minor, Op 82 also sounds the same. I shall wait for the Schumann I guess.

Perhaps I will choose the Brahms. The Bach is the Largo and Allegro from Sonata in C, there's the 1st and 2nd movements from the Mozart Concerto, and Appasionato rocks along at a fair pace, so something slow with lots of vibrato and *feeling* might be better for the program.

We shall see.

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December 25, 2004 17:07

Christmas was cool as always (well not the weather. It was boiling hot and humid for lunch, and then stormy at night for dinner, though still not too bad).

Family tradition is to open the presents only of the people that were awake. So my sister missed out untill after church (my dad's a priest and my mum's a deacon, and i'm involved with music. My sister is a pagan, so she has her own traditions).
I got a stephane grapelli dvd, cd's of Gluck trio sonatas and smetana string quartets, and the MInistry of Sound 2005 annual. I had a listen to a bit of the Smetana quartets, and they're cool. I think I like Czech composers - I like Suk and Dvorak, and I think i'm going to like Smetana as well. I also got a shower radio which carried the warning "Do not place radio in a place where it could get wet" and a mini digital camera. It carries only 20 high def shots, and doesn't have a screen or anything, and the quality isn't the greatest, but it does the trick. and for only $30 I guess I can't complain.

My girlfriend got me a cool necklace which she made, and a mini score of the Mendelssohn (my fav composer) Piano Trio Op. 49. I also got from her family a small memo book with a violin cover, and a pen with violins on it.

Oh well, I must get off to church. If I've forgotten I shall add after the cricket is over for the day.

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December 19, 2004 20:37

I got my uni results the other day. I did pretty well I think. High distinction in Harmony, Distinctions in Orchestration and Arrangement, Aural, Music History and Form Analysis and Listening, passes in Piano Proficiency and Primary Study.

I need to work harder on my violin stuff, I want to get a distinction in that next year.

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December 18, 2004 20:49

Just an update - I got into the Philharmonic Orchestra again. I'm not sure what position yet, I'll find out on the first day. But I hope i'm first desk seconds or in the first violins. My girlfriend got Principal Bassoon, so she's really happy.

I think the reason I didn't get into the Senior WAYO was because there weren't enough places available due to players staying on. Oh well, there will always be next year.

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December 12, 2004 18:37

The Day after the concert...

It went Brilliantly. THe whole concert came together, and everyone performed brilliantly. I got many comments after the concert that they thought the piece i had composed was one of the best performed that day. Seeing as there was Haydn, Mozart and Vivaldi being performed amongst others, I think I'm doing pretty well.

Entry for the concert was by donation, with profits going to CHristmas Bowl, a Christian aid organisation who support over thirty third-world countries around the world. We ended up making over $600, which after costs are deducted should come to over $500 for Christmas Bowl. I have been requested by numerous people to put another one on soon.

My performance was pretty good. I played with the music because I didn't feel like trying to remember everything, but I forgot to take the cadenza up with me. A slight slip that no-one noticed (It wasn't a slip, it is a cadenza after all isn't it?) in the Haydn, but what I was really pleased with was how my Suk turned out. I felt really comfortable, and it just flew along. I'm playing it for my Amus probably at the end of the year, so to have it at performance standard already makes me very confident.

I did have the concert recorded, but I picked up the wrong tapes, so I haven't heard it yet. But I hope to get my piece onto my computer and put it up on my website ( as soon as possible. Will post when it's up.

Well, I'm having a small break now, relax after a hard years work. And to start my relaxing period, I think I might go hit a few golf balls at the driving range. Ciao.

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December 7, 2004 08:06

Concert on sunday - the stress is getting to me. I keep having dreams that something will go wrong - I forget to go to a rehearsal, or (the worst one so far) I break my arm. I'm sure everything will be ok though.

I had a rehearsal with my accompanist today, it went well. I was suprised how well the suk went as the last rehearsal was so bad. Luckily i wasn't playing it for that exam, so I could just hear how it goes. This time however, it went much better, should be fine for the concert.

I also got to hear for the first time my composition played live. It was an exhilerating experience. I wonder if Mozart or Beethoven felt like that when their first pieces were performed, or when any piece was performed for the first time.

My composition is titled "Una Principessa" and is written for Violin and Bassoon, accompanied by Piano. It sounds really lovely. It was my first real jaunt into modulating into different keys, and also my first attempt at piano accompaniment. I asked the accompanist to give me some feedback on how it was, and she said it was fine because it was a slow piece, only a couple of things she might change due to the bass line going into a muddy area, which really wasn't in the character of the piece.

Also had a lesson with my teacher - we cleaned up a bit of the Suk that needed doing, and talked about pieces for the next year. I convinced him that since I did two pieces of grade 8 AMEB this year, that next year I should sit my AMus. I'll do the Mozart Concerto No. 4 (Mvmt 1 and 2), the final two movements from the Bach Sonata in C, I can keep my Suk Appassionato, and I will do a Sonata by either Brahms, Elgar or Schumann. I'm going to get some CD's of them so that I can listen and decide which one i like better.

Onto good news, and I've finally found a Violin Stand. I've been looking for one to hold my acoustic-electric when I'm performing (mainly at church), and I ordered one around Christmas last year from a music store in my city. Around August this year it still hadn't come in, despite my repeated badgering of them, so I eventually called it quits and told them in the harshest way i could (which is actually fairly nice compared to what my mum can do, i'll never forget my 10th birthday) that i was not happy with their performance. I shopped around because I wanted one especially for this performance i was doing in October, one store quoted me $99.00 for one, I thought "I could order one in cheaper than that."
I was in a music store today looking at some music books while my girlfriend was handing resume's around (She's looking for a job, preferably in a music store). I noticed they had some displaying their violins, so I asked if they were for sale, they were, so I quickly checked my bank balence, and bought a violin stand for $22.00

Go Me!

In other news, I was accepted into the Philharmonic again... I don't know what I need to do to get into the Senior WAYO... Perhaps getting my AMus will show them. My girlfriend got Principal Basson of the Philharmonic, so she's really happy.

Well, I think that's about it. That basically all happened today, so you could say it's been a busy day.

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