November 2004

November 30, 2004 08:29

Heh, this is my second entry today. An update on the job interview - I was told straight away that I got the job. I'll find out how many students i'll have in a couple of weeks, but there were 150 students on the waiting list. Most will probably go guitar or piano, so I think if I get 5-10 students I'll be happy.

Now to work out which syllabus I will use...

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November 29, 2004 17:31

ok, i've got a job interview today at a music school (one of those places that teaches kids music on a variety of instruments, usually has a music store attached to it). I hope it goes well, I would like to start teaching and this would be good experience for me, especially if I can work it around my uni timetable.

Dropping my music off at my accompanist today as well.

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November 21, 2004 18:54

back into the practice this week. I took a couple of weeks off after my performance exam, so I've got to get a bit of practice up before my final lesson for the year on december 6.

My teacher and I have started to choose my repetoir for next year. He will be choosing some Bach for me, and We'll be doing Mozart 4. I've already got Suk Appassionato under my fingers (getting it together with the piano might be a different problem), so it's just one more piece and I should be able to go for my AMus next year.

I've applied for another job (Currently working night fill at k-mart and delivering pizzas). This one is teaching violin at a music center up north. They asked for some experienced teachers, I'm not sure how well i'll do there, and i have no formal qualifications at the moment, but the guy I talked to who was taking down details said that it sounded pretty good. I'll just wait to be called back now. I wouldn't mind getting some teaching experience.

Well, time to go do some practice.

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November 18, 2004 04:12

Well my exams are all but over, and I seem to have passed everything. I suprised my teacher in my practical, did well in my history assessments, finished my harmony exam with just under an hour to spare, and passed my piano proficiency. I still have my chamber music performance to go but not sure when that will be done.

So now that I've passed everything, my focus shifts to next year (already!) I've got my Concert on December 12, which everything seems to be falling together for. I've got to choose my pieces for next year, and get my teacher to say "yes, that's a good selection." I'm hoping to sit for my Amus.A next year, so I shall get my syllabus and see what I can find.

I did a big clean out of my room yesterday and today. Reorganised everything. Plus set some tasks in my mind for the holidays. Set up my practice routine properly. Study in detail a Haydn String Quartet or Beethoven Symphony. Try and compose my own string quartet (I set that for myself every break...). Be comfortable in Every key signature.

That should keep me busy.

My tone was horrible today... I think I might need some new strings soon.

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November 8, 2004 08:12

Had a couple of assessments today. Performed a couple of excerpts from Philip Glass' piece Strung Out for Amplified Violin, which was preceeded with a talk about electric violins. It was supposed to be 5 minute talk, 5 minute performance, I think i did a 5 minute performance, 6-7 minute talk, and I still didn't get through everything i wanted in the talk. Makes me think that perhaps I should really research the history of the electric violin, there's some really interesting things (like the elettro dianamicco, which was audible from 8km away). A friend and I saw the tutorer afterwards and asked if we could know how we went. He said he couldn't tell us, then said that we'd find out in the mail sooner rather than later, but then said that we both did well... ok :)

Had my PRactical Exam in the afternoon. This was the big one for me, as I thought I'd do fairly well, and my other exams look fairly easy. My practical is the one I'm most likely to stuff up however.
My program was Telemann Fantasia 1, Haydn G Major mvmt 1, and Weiniaski Legende. I was going to do Suk, but I didn't have it ready. I prepared all three pieces by memory, a big step for me, as I've never really played by memory before.
The exam went well - played Haydn, and was asked for Weiniawski. A couple of memory slips, and my teacher thought that I rushed a bit and the tempos might have been a bit fast. Next year I will plan to have some rehearsals with my teacher.

The ajduicator said that I need to work on my intonation and sound a bit over the holidays (which is good because I've been meaning to do alot of work over the holidays). My teacher also wants me to work on my technical work (which I've also been meaning to work on). I had one of my lecturers and my teacher in on the exam. My teacher said afterwards that he was pleasantly suprised at how well I did. I think you've got to be doing at least something right if you can suprise your teacher in the exam :>

WEll, it's a week and a bit left of exams, light violin duties for that period as I prepare the Suk for my concert in December. I've got a couple of assessments on Friday - History and Aural. I've got my Harmony exam on the Wednesday after that (my only real sit down written exam), and my piano proficiency and chamber music final assessments on the thursday, then I'm finished for the year.

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