June 2008

Now and in the Future

June 20, 2008 23:35

Well, a lot has happened recently. I'm getting ready for that musical, with openning night in only a week. It's quite the exercise in counting. The musical is Pippin. Next Thursday I'm starting violin lessons with Frederick Halgedahl. These lessons will be every other week until the end of the summer. I'm really very excited to start these lessons. The lessons will be 2 hours long every other week. Hopefully, we'll be working on technique, rep, and orchestral excperts. It's been hard this week adjusting to working roughly full-time, having 2 classes, musical rehearsal and personal practice time. Not to mention, I want to have a some semblence of a social life. I think I'll be better off starting next week, since I now know what to avoid. I really just need to do all of my homework daily. That'll help bunches.

I really want an edge this coming year at audtions for Symphony. I want to make it into the first violin sections, chamber orchestra and the LaCrosse Symphony. I really, truely want these things. I need to do these things. If I don't make it, then what's the point of even trying to go to grade school for it. I mean, if I can't make it here, how will I make it anywhere else? I will do this and I need to have faith in myself towards that end. On August 7th I meeting with Tyrone Greive at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to discuss grad school and have a bit of a lesson with him. This will be helpful and I'm excited for this too. It'll be good for me to hear what someone at a fairly prestigious grad school has to say about my playing. I still need to get ahold of the University of Minnesota and the University of Iowa about visits to the schools.

Anyway, that's it for now...I think. Have a great weekend!

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Renewed Sense of Violinist Dedication

June 13, 2008 20:04

Wow, it has been a while since I last blogged here. Ok, ok, so it's been over a year. I'm not sure why I haven't written here for a while. Wait, yes I do. For a good chunk of this last year I HATED violin. I played it...kind of. My practice time was slim and I just kept coming up with excuses not to practice. I've also really been busy with school, work and other activities. I gave my Jr. recital a couple of months ago and let me tell you, that was learning experience. I learned that I still love the violin and have a long ways to go in pursuing what I want. But I still want it. I'm trying really hard right now to catch up. I'm making my practice time longer and more efficient at the same time. Essentially, I'm getting back into the swing of things.

I'm getting ready for grad school auditions...it's scary. I'm planning on auditioning for Bowling Green State University, University of Iowa, University of Minnesota, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of South Dakota and that's about it. At this point, I doubt I'll get in. I mean, I'm just now getting a serious learning in of Bruch. My chamber music experience is almost nill since starting college. Also, my mediocre practicing has led me to still have many of problems I came to Luther with. However, this next year will be a year of change. I've formed a string quartet, I'm possibly switching teachers, I'm auditioning for the LaCrosse Symphony, and I WILL be in the Symphony and Chamber Orchestra's here at Luther this coming year. Of course, the only definite thing in what I just said is the string quartet. Everything else depends on auditions or to which violin teacher I'm assigned, although I requested to change to the new one.

Back in November, I bought a new violin, to me anyway. It was made back in 2003 by Jonathan Cooper. That cost me...or I should say my parents, a pretty penny. I love the violin though and it has helped me improve greatly. It allows me to be more free as a player which has helped greatly with the whole tendonitous issue. My bow really needs to be rehaired but I have no idea when that'll happen. As of the right now, I'm playing a community theater musical production Pippin and getting ready to play in a wedding.

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