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April 2005

Apr. 28, 2005 at 1:52 PM

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Pesach is the Holiday, which we celebrate just now and I do it more intensively than any other one thanks to its strong message of freedom.

Another kind of freedom crossing all borders is the language of music.
Yes! It's a truism, but it is worthwhile repeating it.
We must believe in the universal power of this art, even though, my earlier "romantic" idea that music makes us better human beings, unfortunately, only seems to stay just a romantic idea. So much more is needed, but music helps enormously in our lives.

Just some reflections in order to present myself a little bit.

There will be time, I hope, to present myself more directly related to music as the time is passing.
How obvious this phenomenon is in the art of music.
What can be more exact than what is behind these signs that we call notes and at the same time being combined with our strongest emotions.
Music has a language of its own and nothing can make me feel as "one" with the entire creation, even though I am a man who loves the written word in the languages I know of.

I have a past as a violinist and teacher and now I cannot be without playing on a violin anymore.
The sound of this instrument and music in general have an enormous impact on me.

Studies in the Netherlands and Sweden, where I was born.
My professor in violinplaying was Tibor Berkovits and he gave me also as a "Mentsch" everything what is so important in order to express oneself in this intriguing art.
Furthermore I have studied in two summercourses in Nice, France for the brilliant violinist Aaron Rosand.

Now I am trying to write about my experiences from Sarajevo during and after the recent war. I was there as a freelance journalist and simultaneously
helping the tiny little Jewish Community and its organization
"La Benevolencija".
They were helping everybody regardless of ethnic and religious background
and I am proud to say that I have been a part of their excellent work.
After the war I was playing for a short period of time in the Sarajevska Filarmonija and it was a great experience, where again music gave all this hidden positive energy.

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