July 2008

Independence Day Weekend - 2008

July 6, 2008 17:54

Greetings from the airspace above Missouri! This has been quite an interesting last month, and I am on my way towards four weeks of travel, playing, and vacationing.

My trip to Texas last month was refreshing and productive. I certainly enjoyed visiting and staying with good friends, and I was able to play and meet up with my teacher, Chee-Yun. She has the number one selling album in Korea at the moment: "Serenata Notturna", and it was a pleasure to play Ysaye, Kreisler, and Bach unaccompanied works for her. Also, the burlesque show that I took in was quite...memorable and outrageous!

I was fortunate to play in a concert where the lovely and inspiring Sylvia McNair was a guest soloist. She is humble, charming, charismatic, and her immaculate singing is breathtaking. Ms. McNair delivered in every respect, and not only she did look radiant, but she moved many grown men to tears. What an artist.

So, Independence Day has come and gone, and I always spend it at my best friend's house for a barbeque and drinks. I spent much of the time being domestic, playing with the cutest 20-month-old I've come across. And yes, I did sit her down at the piano to see if she is musical! We'll see if her parents listen to me about starting her this year on violin... :)

I'm bracing myself for the Southern desert heat that is bound to hit me as soon as I step off of the plane. Last time I was in Dallas, it was over 100 degrees half the time I was there. Now, on the trip to Dallas and Taos, I'm prepared to roast for the next two weeks. Then...I'm going to northern Ontario to vacation for ten days before serving as guest concertmaster of the Mansfield Symphony for their August concerts. It will be rejuvenating to be in the middle of Lake Penage without laptops, cell phones, or contact to the outside world. Just what I need for a couple weeks! Not that I'm constantly on one of those devices or anything...

These are going to be some exciting times ahead...I've recently met with a couple of conductors to discuss upcoming projects - long-term ideas, stretching to 2013 and so. I hope everything ends up working out, and additions to the schedule will be made each month. The goal of performing in all fifty states by my twenty-fifth birthday is still in effect, and the tour next year will take me to some states that I have never been to before...including Oregon, New Hampshire, Minnesota, and Kansas.

ANYWAYS...I'm being told I have to shut off my computer. Time to think about what breakfast to get in the St. Louis airport. I don't remember - is it St. Louis or Atlanta that has the good mom-and-pop breakfast place? Or is that Chicago Midway? Maybe I'll just park myself in the Starbucks that I am SURE is still there in the E gates area and get on the laptop for awhile...

Rambling in the air,

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