June 2008

Murphy's Law - otherwise known as, my last two weeks

June 9, 2008 17:20

Greetings from disgustingly humid Cleveland! It is about 91 degrees and 100% humidity. As soon as you leave your house, you are coated in sweat (or, in the case of my Yellow Lab, matted fur). This weather has been unbearable, and it brings back memories of the summer of 2005.

That summer, there were more record high temperature days than in recent history. My trio and I were to play the first concert of ENCORE's programming with the Rachmaninoff d minor Trio. Outside, temperatures plateaued around 105 and in the chapel (quite literally 20 degrees warmer), we had to strip to our tees to perform. My violin had rivers of sweat, and I wonder if the applause wasn't more for the fact that the concert was FINALLY over! :)

Anyways, it's definitely hard to practice and focus when it's this uncomfortable, so I've been keeping busy with being domestic, catching up with old friends, and getting ready for traveling. I need to get away - Murphy's Law came into town in full force on June 1st.

After taking our dogs to the park where they can romp in the river, my best friend, her family, and I were caravaning back to good ole Shaker when out of the blue, an inexperienced driver plowed into their car, right in front of me. Resulting in a broken vertabrae for my friend, as well as a totaled car, that afternoon was....shall we say....less than pleasant.

Following that drama was my birthday celebrating...a celebration that lasted four full days. I love summer birthdays!

Anyways, this past weekend, I performed in a concert with an anonymous venue and conductor where the conductor failed to materialize until 20 minutes after said concert was to begin. I thought that the executive director of the hall was about to take the baton into his own hands (so to speak). Perhaps the Indian restaurant for dinner wasn't such a good idea? At any rate, it was an entirely new experience for me...waiting in the wings while the worker-bees backstage are frantically trying to locate the pilot of that vehicle (Lord, what a poor analogy).

With all of this drama taking place, I'm fleeing the coop and taking off to Dallas for a week. It won't be all pleasure...I need to learn this showpiece program for the 21st, as well as the Mendelssohn octet and Brahms violin concerto. How nice it would be to get away without the violin. A couple weeks after this, I am in Taos, northern Ontario, and central Ohio...I'm enjoying the downtime while it lasts. Speaking of the Ontario trip (which is an annual excursion to vacation north of the Georgian Bay), I'm thinking of preliminary plans to have a chamber get-together (an informal way of saying "festival") up there every summer...how does that sound? Incredible chamber works with some of my favorite musicians in that bucolic setting...mmm...

I hope everyone is staying cool, wherever they are, and getting out to see some good concerts!

Happy June,


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