June 2007

The First Day of Summer, 2007

June 21, 2007 11:39

Well, it is now the first day of 2007's summer, and I am starting to get in the swing of things after a week of little productivity. ENCORE commences on Sunday, and I play there with Anita Pontremoli the following week. ENCORE is the festival in Hudson, Ohio founded by David and Linda Cerone, and this will be my sixth summer attending. I must say, the performance space (the Western Reserve Academy Chapel) is actually THE most nerve-wracking place I have ever played--perhaps it is all the critical ears in the audience, and the history that that particular stage has with performing artists. The quaint town, though very "Truman show-esque", has a number of fine restaurants, and I end up frequenting the Starbucks and ice cream shops when the temperatures hit triple digits. After five weeks at ENCORE, it's off to South Korea to Hyo Kang's Great Mountains Music Festival and School, when I begin working with Chee-Yun for the first time. As that will be my first visit to the far East, I'm quite excited...especially for the outstanding Korean food I'm bound to have! In between, I will vacation in northern Ontario with my grandparents for a week in July, which is always relaxing. My family has owned a small island in a remote lake north of the Georgian bay for fifty years or so, with no electricity, phone service (a breath of fresh air, let me tell you...), and incredible weather, swimming, and sauna-ing that will be had. It'll be nice to "escape", if only for a week or so. However, it is high time I start being productive again--this past week, I took it easy and did everything possible away from the violin: go out each night, visit a friend's mother in a hospital, and spend time with a great friend. At times like these, I must remember....violin goes in the left hand, bow in the right, the strings are G-D-A-E, and the Beethoven concerto is, in fact, in D major!

Best wishes for a fabulous start to everyone's summer!!!!


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