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Lex Carter

First Lesson

May 16, 2010 at 7:53 AM

 The lesson went great!! My teacher is a nice guy, and the photo on his card doesn't indicate that that smiling face is part of a 6'2" body, he sure doesn't LOOK like a violin teacher. Of course I probably don't look like a violin player, lol. He teaches kids violin mostly, and teaches 4th grade so he said, "I hope you don't mind if I use kid type terms for stuff". I said, "No problem, I'm just a big kid anyway, heck I live like one, almost no money, scooting around on a motorcycle normally only a beginner or highschooler has, heck this shirt I'm wearing belonged to a teenager until his Mom sold it to me for 50c at a garage sale this morning". 


About scooting, with the violin case ..... using both straps doesn't work because it blocks the back of my helmet and I can't move my head back. One strap, bicycle messenger style, kinds works but .... in the wind the violin case  thinks it's the Flying Nun and becomes weightless, it's not going anywhere because of the strap but it does float around. I don't want to strap it down on the back of the bike since the strap pressure may harm something. 


So, I need to work on really basic stuff, my bow arm has to make a little triangle, then a square, then a big triangle, And he lent me one of his books to work in, lots of basic exercises like This is the note on the first string, This is the one on the second, then start mixing 'em up, you know the usual stuff. He wants me to get the Mel Bay violin method book ASAP so I had a friend order it for me on Amazon. (When I really need something online, I have a friend order it and I pay him cash right there. I don't have a credit card or bank account right now.) 


So, that was Lesson One. 

From Anne-Marie Proulx
Posted on May 16, 2010 at 6:06 PM

"My teacher is a nice guy, and the photo on his card doesn't indicate that that smiling face is part of a 6'2" body, he sure doesn't LOOK like a violin teacher. Of course I probably don't look like a violin player, lol."


Because a violin teacher or student is suppose to look like something in particular??? 

Yes, indeed a musician can be in shape and not look/act nerdy (lol)  Perhaps nowadays, people no longer look as the stereotype for a given profession ; )

But I understand, as a beginner in anything, we always think so cliché!  (if you follow tai-chi lessons, the teacher has to be an asian right... or your money back ; ) (I exagerate of course...)

Talking about clichés and since you like motorcycles, I know an hilarous motorcycle story: a friend of I had a friend who was terrible at motorcycle and had the "brilliant" idea to go to her motorcycle examination a little too undressed thinkinhg it would help...  Finally the evaluator was a woman and she failed!!!  I had to laugh about this one!

Good luck in your lessons



From Lex Carter
Posted on May 16, 2010 at 8:07 PM

 LOL my last teacher, Aaron, was a violist and looked the part, tall, thin, etc. I dunno .... David Oistrakh, if I met him on the street, I'd probably think he was an accountant or an auto mechanic or something. There's a guy at my gym who teaches and plays violin, and I wanted to see about taking lessons from him but I have no way of contacting him and haven't seen him in the gym, frankly, he looks like a carpenter. I think I look too muscular but I guess it doesn't matter. 


When I was first licensed to ride a bike, we took the old, hardnosed, MSF course then had to take the test with them, then at the DMV, then ride in formation with motor cops who could fail anyone for any reason and didn't have to explain why. A smartmouth buddy in the course, more smartmouthed because he was tense, failed. A ditzy girl passed. Her riding skills were good and she wasn't mouthing off. The motor cops utterly didn't care about how we were dressed, we had to wear all the gear anyway. 


But this is funny, because a couple of acquaintances from the gym got busted in their "secret" painball place, actually part of a state park. The gal tried coming on to the cops, which made things worse. They had to go to court! I had a real laugh over that and told the guy *he* should have come on to the cops instead, maybe it would have made it better! 

I have to see about solving the flying violin case problem; maybe I need a better case I can feel OK about strapping down, I used Rok Straps (they deserve the Nobel Prize in motorcycle strap design) and can strap stuff down securely without being too tight, but I am nervous about any strap tension at all on my present case. 

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