The Moscow International David Oistrakh violin competition

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The State Moscow P. I. Tchaikovsky Conservatoire

Moscow, Russia

The IV Moscow International D.Oistrakh violin competition is organized by the non-commercial organization “David Oistrakh Charity Foundation”.

The competition is held with the support of the Moscow Government’s Department of culture and the Russian Federation Ministry of Culture and the Moscow State P.I.Tchaikovsky Conservatoire.

The competition is dedicated to the memory of the Great Russian violinist David Oistrakh.

The Moscow International David Oistrakh violin competition is the member of the European Union of Music Competitions for Youth (EMCY).

The main aim of the competition - popularization and developing the best traditions of Russian violin performing art, discovering young talented musicians and assistance in their professional achievements and supporting them in their professional potential.

The IV Moscow International D.Oistrakh violin competition will take place in Moscow from the 30th of September until the 10th of October 2010.

The auditions are to be held in three age groups:

Category “A” - from 10 to 13 (inclusive);

Category “B” - from 14 to 17 (inclusive);

Category “C” - from 18 to 28 (inclusive).

The age of the participant in determined in accordance with the start of the competition.

The First Prize-winners of the previous Moscow competitions are not allowed to take part in the same age group.

The following documents are to be delivered to the Organizing Committee:

The application form;
Video (DVD) recording;
The performing programme with indication the duration of each piece;
Prompt resume with indication of the educational establishment, the teacher, information concerning the participation in other music competitions;
Copy of the educational document;
Photocopies of passport or birth certificate;
Photographs (not less than 600 x 800 pixels in the E-form) or 6 x 12 sm. in printed form;
Copy of the invoice with the payment of the entrance fee.
The entrance fee –100 EURO.

Bank account for EURO transfers:


Beneficiary’s account (IBAN): 407 039 783 000 7 000 2052



In event of withdrawal from the competition the documents and the entrance fee will not be returned.

All indicated documents must be sent by mail not latter than the 31st of May, 2010.

Address of the Organizing Committee: 123317 Moscow, Antonov-Ovseenko Street, 15, build.1 Charity D.Oistrakh Fund.

All information concerning the participation in the competition can be received from the executive secretary of the competition Olga Spiridonova.

Phone +7 (495) 9373896 E-mail:

The applicants admitted to the competition will receive an official invitation from the Organizing Committee not latter than 1st of July 2010 after the preliminary audition of the VIDEO (VHS or DVD)

The preliminary audition will be held by the experts appointed by the Organizing Committee.

VIDEO of the applicant must include the following pieces:

for category ”A”

1. Caprice

2. Virtuoso piece

for category “B”

1. Wieniawski or Paganini Caprice.

2. At the choice of the contestant:

- 3rd and 4th movements of the Bach Sonata ??1–3 for violin solo;

- any two movements from the Bach Partitas ??1-2 for violin solo (except for Chaconne);

- Prelude, Loure and Gavotte from ?ach Partita ?3 for violin solo;

- Menuette, Bourre, and Giga from Bach Partita ?3 for violin solo

For category “C”

1. Paganini Caprice.

2.1st and 2nd movements from Bach Sonata ??1-3 for violin solo or Bach Chaconne from Partita N 2 for violin solo

The recording must be made in the period between 01.01.2009 and 31.05.2010.

It is not necessary for the recorded pieces to be part of the performed in life at the competition rounds.

Not more than 30 contestants will be admitted to the 1st round in each category.

All competition rounds are open to the public and will consist of 2 rounds for category “A” and “B” and 3 rounds for category “C” (excluding the preliminary selection round).

The order of appearance of the contestants will be decided by drawing of lots and will be kept to the end of the competition.

Not more than 15 contestants of the category “A” will be admitted to the 2nd round.

Not more than 12 contestants of the categories “B” and “C” will be admitted to the 2nd round.

Not more than 6 contestants of the category “C” will be admitted to the 3rd round.

The audition of the 3rd round for the category “C” will be held with the symphony orchestra.

All programmes of the competition are to be performed by heart. In exception are the sonatas of the category “C” at the 2nd round.

The contestant must perform the programme indicated in the application form. All changes in the announced programme of the applicants must be made in writing and will be possible as an exception in case of the jury consent.

The jury reserves the rights to shorten the programme or to stop the performing in case if the results of the performing are obvious for the jury.

The contestants are allowed to perform with their own accompanists. In case of necessity the organizers will provide the accompanist.

The Organizing Committee of the 1V Moscow International D.Oistrakh violin competition announces the following Prizes and Diplomas:

Category “A”:

1st Prize -1000 EURO and the laureate title;

2nd Prize - 800 EURO and the laureate title;

3rd Prize - 500 EURO and the laureate title.

Three Diplomas of 100 EURO each

and the title of the award winner.

Category “B”:

1st Prize - 2500 EURO and the laureate title;

2nd Prize – 1500 EURO and the laureate title;

3rd Prize - 1000 EURO and the laureate title;

Three Diplomas of 300 EURO each and the title of the award winner.

Category “C”:

1st Prize - 10000 EURO and the laureate title;

2nd Prize – 7000 EURO and the laureate title;

3rd Prize - 5000 EURO and the laureate title .

Three Diplomas of 800 EURO each

and the title of the award winner.

The Prize winners have to receive their awards personally.

The Prizes will be presented in ruble equivalent according to the Rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the day of payment.

The Organizing Committee has the right to set up special prizes and awards: Prize “Nadezhda” (“Hope”) for the young participant, certificate for providing the payment for attending the master classes in Europe and a special Prize of the General Sponsor.

In accordance with the results of the contestants within the limits the Jury reserves the rights to:

- not to award some prizes;

- to divide prizes between the contestants.

The decision of the Jury is final and is not subject to question, reveal or appeal.

The Prize winners of the competition will be invited to take part in the concerts organized by the “Charity D.Oistrakh Fund” and the State Moscow P.Tchaikovsky Conservatoire.

State and public institutions, creative unions, mass-media, firms and private persons may be the founders of special prizes and awards. in coordination with the Organizing Committee and the Jury of the competition.

The Prize winners will be able to be invited:

- for participation as a soloist with the orchestra at the annual concert of the award-winners of the competitions, members of the EMCY, arranged by the European Union TV (EBU) in one of the 15 countries of the Union:

- participation in other concerts in Europe arranged by EMCY and the organizers of the competitions – members of EMCY

- one of the award-winners will be able to receive the special Prize of EMCY “Art for Music Prize”

All participants of the competition will receive a Certificate of participation

All participants that were not admitted to the next round will have the possibility to have a personal consultation with the members of the Jury and discuss with them their performance

The Prize winner will have to take part in the final concert. In case of his refusal he may be deprived of the prize.

The Charity D.Oistrakh Fund reserves exclusive rights to record and broadcast all competition’s rounds as well as concluding gala, on radio, television video, DVD on commercial basis. No fees will be paid to participants

The information about accomodation for those candidates admitted to participate in the first round of the competition will be announced later.

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