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Taylors Fine Violins Lyndon Johann Taylor

San Gorgonio Dr.
Redlands, California

Phone: 909-793-8506

Builds violins and/or bows? Yes
Sells? Yes
Repairs? Yes

link to violins currently 4 sale on ebay and well as in store

link to recordings, pictures, and discussion of clavichords I have built

link to photobucket archive of many violins I have restored

I run a violin workshop out of my house in Redlands, near San Bernardino, CA, about 60 miles east of Los Angeles just off the 10 Freeway. I specialize in the restoration of Baroque, Transitional, and Modern violins, I mostly restore and sell instruments that are 100yrs old and older.

I cater to lovers of all kinds of music, and feature instruments that appeal to a wide range of musical tastes, especially instruments that show signs of decades of use, through natural, not artificial wear to the instrument and the varnish.

In addition to careful competent restorations, I take a lot of time with setup; bridge, soundpost, pegs, and fingerboard, to get the best sound and playability out of the violins I restore. I price my violins reasonably, you might be pleasantly suprised by some of my prices.

My repair prices are reasonable,too; $60 to fit a bridge, $40 to fit a soundpost, $100 to fit new pegs, including the high quality parts. I charge as little as $250 to dissasemble the violin, repair up to three cracks, and put it all back together in tip top shape, but fittings are extra. I also give free verbal opinions and recommendations;

I pride myself on being straightforward and honest with my customers, and am looking forward to serving you to the best of my ability. HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY is my motto. I do not offer appraisals but I give free, honest, verbal opinions. And if you have an especially expensive instrument I can refer you to the most highly qualified restorers in the Los Angeles area.

I have over 30yrs experience in musical instrument making and restoration, having split my time about 50/50 between violin restoration and clavichord making (baroque keyboard instruments). For the last eight years I have concentrated on violins and slowly built up my skills and inventory.

I apprenticed with viola maker C. Martin Kob, Yucaipa, CA, bow maker & violin restorer Burdell Tenney, Redlands, CA, violin maker RE Evans, Riverside, CA.

By appointment, days and evenings. Mon-Sat

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