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The following information about this luthier was submitted on 7/13/2005 via by LiXing Bai. It has not been verified by Violinist.com, which takes no responsibility for its accuracy.

Bai Li Xing

China Central Opera House, 115 Dong Zhong Street
Chao Yang Men Wai District,Beijing, China

Phone: +86 10 6551 5027
Website: http://www.chineseviolins.com

Builds violins and/or bows? Yes
Sells? Yes
Repairs? Yes

Hand made superb quality instruments with traditional or antique look varnish, more than 30 years experience, have many customers from the world.

Opinions expressed below are those of their authors alone.

From ian macfarlane
Posted via on December 17, 2007 at 4:16 PM (MST)
I visited Mr. Bai on a visit to Beijing in late November 2007. I had the opportunity of playing one of his 'professional' violins, which retail at something around $2400-$2600. This would appear to be pretty good value. It was handsome, very well made and had a nice ringing sound. He is an experienced luthier who works in a traditional way with good materials - old East European wood for his dearer violins, younger Chinese wood for his student violins. He is in addition a very charming man. On the basis of my visit I have ordered a violin from him - it is due some time in mid 2008 ; needless to say, I will be better able to judge his work then, but I am very hopeful!

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