Continuing the tradition of Bach's transcriptions  border=0 align=

Continuing the tradition of Bach's transcriptions

April 29, 2017, 7:41 AM · Since I very much enjoyed reading a couple of blogs here (by Jacob Niederhoffer and Dorian Bandy) about transcriptions and being an enthusiastic "transcriber" myself, having done quite a bit of serious work in the last years, I would like to share my thoughts on the subject.

Of course, I had some good reasons to try transcribing works for different instruments and of course the primary one was that we have such a huge orchestral literature that is available only for relative limited audiences, but sized down it would reach a much wider public. Well, I know, today we get everything from the internet, but I am talking about live music, for the "old fashioned" concert goers.

Another obvious reason was the instrumentation; as I am a violinist I wanted to play these works, and because I have an excellent harpist daughter, with whom I wished to play. However, that's another subject; now I would like to share my experiments, very simply with solo violin transcriptions, and that's because I love the music of Bach.

Like any violinist, I went through all the Bach Sonatas and Partitas as a young player, and developed right from beginning an extremely strong relation to them. I could play hours and hours just Bach. Already those days I felt that we don't have enough of them, only six such great works are simply not enough. Later by discovering Ysaÿe's (also) six Sonatas and the Bartok solo Sonata I was satisfied for a while, since those are a kind of continuation of Bach's in my opinion. I return to Bach again and again.

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Peta's Piano for Violin - Live NOW on Kickstarter! Give your students a head start with the first ever streamable catalogue of piano accompaniment recordings for violin. Help them learn their pieces and perform at their best without having to rely just on last-minute accompanist rehearsals. Get exclusive Lifetime access to the full and ever-growing catalogue, only on Kickstarter! (Ad) weekend vote: Besides the violin, with what other instruments have you been reasonably proficient? border=0 align= weekend vote: Besides the violin, with what other instruments have you been reasonably proficient?

April 28, 2017, 3:56 PM · People who seek to play the violin tend to be music-lovers, so it's not surprising that some of us are proficient in other instruments.

I'm curious about which instruments, besides the violin, that people choose. Is it another stringed instrument, such as the viola or guitar? Or is it the piano? Or something a little more outside the family, such as the trumpet?

As for me, I've dabbled with the flute, mandolin and piano, but the only one I'd say I was moderately proficient in is piano! With that instrument, I can play what I know, but I don't have much depth when it comes to being able to sit down and read things with easy.

How about you? Are you strictly a violinist, or do you have a second instrument? Or more than one? If you are proficient in a number of instruments in different categories, please just choose the one that you feel most proficient in, then describe the others in the comments below.

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Which Performance Did NOT Happen? border=0 align=

Which Performance Did NOT Happen?

April 28, 2017, 11:27 AM · A game is going around Facebook, where you name concerts you've been to, but then one is a LIE, and everyone has to guess which one.

I decided to do a variation, which was to list people I've performed with -- something that a lot of musicians can do, and quickly get a good list of 10. My goal: to make a list so strange that nearly everyone on the list seemed very unlikely. I felt I'd succeeded, when my friends guessed and guessed, and the last person they guessed was the "lie"! It was also a fun trip down memory lane. I'm posting it here, and I invite you to write your own silly list and post it in the comments (or on your FB page)!

Sitting in the violin section, I've performed with these 10 people or groups, can you guess which one is a LIE?

Joshua Bell
The Moody Blues
John Williams
The Captain and Tennille
Mstislav Rostropovich
Bob from Sesame Street
Eugene Fodor
Gretchen Carlson
Gustavo Dudamel
Former Republican U.S. presidential candidate Herman Cain

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