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Violinist.com's Rules for Writers

Violinist.com is a global community of violin professionals, students and fans. Like any civil community, we need all participants to abide by certain rules.

1) Post accurate information

No one should pass along information that he or she knows to be wrong, or even suspects to be wrong. If you see something on the site that you know to be wrong, please post the corrected information as a response or e-mail the editor so she can correct it.

2) Post original information

The words and other content you post to Violinist.com must be your own. If you wish to tell people about content you found elsewhere, please provide a hyperlink, rather than copying and pasting the piece. Anyone who publishes someone else's copyrighted material on the site may be expelled from the site and is subject to legal action by the copyright owner.

3) No hate speech or personal attacks

Please respect others on the site, avoid profanity and conduct yourself politely. Attempts to harass or intimidate others are grounds for expulsion from the site.

4) Children's privacy

U.S. federal law does not allow for the publication of personally identifying information about children under the age of 13 without the offline written consent of the child's parents. This is why we do not allow people under 13 to register with the site. If you are writing on your blog or in the discussion forum about students or other children you know under 13, you must have their parents' permission before publishing their full name, picture, address or other identifying information. (Writing about them without using identifying information, such as a picture or name, can be okay.)

5) Please post in English

While we welcome content from violinists all over the world, in order to maximize the number or readers who may participate in site discussions, we ask that all discussions be conducted in English. This also helps the site's editor monitor the content on the site.

6) No commercial solicitations

We do not allow commercial solicitations on the Violinist.com discussion board, responses to others' blogs, or through the direct messaging of individual members. Individuals or businesses that wish to sell instruments, products or services on Violinist.com should do so through the purchase of an advertisement.

Your postings to Violinist.com may not include incentives of any kind for other users to click on ads which are displayed on the site. This includes encouraging other readers to click on the ads or to visit the advertisers' sites, as well as drawing any undue attention to the ads. This activity is strictly prohibited in order to avoid potential inflation of advertiser costs.

7) Provide linkbacks

Readers are welcomed to post links to other personal webpages on their directory profile page or blog and discussion entries. However, if you do, we insist that you follow good 'netiquette' and return the link by linking to Violinist.com from your site.

8) Ownership of posts

Readers maintain ownership of any content they post to Violinist.com and assume responsibility for the content that they post. However, by posting content to these sections, readers grant Violinist.com a perpetual, non-exclusive right to publish that material in any medium. Violinist.com reserves the right to transfer those rights to any subsequent partner or owner of the site.

9) Report violations

Violations of any of these rules is grounds for banishment from the site and termination of posting privileges. Please report potential violations to the site's editor. Thank you for your participation on Violinist.com

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