I've bought Mi strings. In what order to test?

Edited: December 8, 2017, 10:59 AM · I'm playing with Thomastik Dominant set and I want to test different Mi strings. I┬íve bought Jargar Forte, Pirastro Gold and three Goldbrokat Mi strings.

Can someone recommend me in what order to try it?

Thanks to everyone.

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December 8, 2017, 11:08 AM · In general, we will change things according to the sound we are looking for. What do you want from your new E string?
Edited: December 8, 2017, 1:40 PM · In addition to what Mr. Manfio stated, be aware how the tone changes on the other strings as you switch Es.

The louder one under the ear may be the Forte, but the Goldbrokat Medium projects like crazy because of the frequencies it favors (Jargar is a bit darker, even if powerful.) The Jargar will also likely be the one that will alter the most how the other strings sound (heavy vs medium tension.)

Many people love the Goldbrokat Heavy (and some the .28 "super" heavy-I did use that eons ago) but I prefer the Medium nowadays. But my needs and those of my violin have changed over time, so you should do what works for you.

Some months ago I used a Jargar Forte and ended up "archiving" it almost right away because now it darkens the rest of my strings, rather than making my instrument more open and resonant. For some, it's the opposite. I had used it before, but I may not do so any more.

Gold Label Medium should be a good standard to start with, if you do not know what you are precisely looking for.

Of all of those options, mine would be Goldbrokat Medium-and not only because of the price. That said for some people it's a "warm" string-in my case, it's a brilliant string that speaks clearly on every note, and emphasizes "upper mids" (or lower treble) so despite not being Stark, it will get heard whether it's harmonics, octaves, tenths, etc. Beautiful E tone. It also matches well in power and tonal color the rest of my strings, without any hint of being timid or weak-sounding.

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