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Edited: September 10, 2017, 6:45 PM · Hello Friends,
I am going to the 2017 Mondomusica at Cremona, Italy which is scheduled from Sept. 29 to Oct. 1, 2017 (I will stay a little longer).

This will be my first visit to Mondomusica. The exhibitor list is rather long and overwhelming for a three-day event. What was your experience with the past Mondomusica shows? Do you have any suggestions/tips on things to do (or not to do), or any recommendations on good maker booths to visit? Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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Edited: September 9, 2017, 1:12 AM · It depends on the purpose of your visit. Mondomusica has become something like a scaled-down version of the Frankfurt Messe: you'll find pianos, brass, guitars, sheet music, factory-made violins, luthier tools, tonewoods...

If you are interested in new Cremona violins, you may be surprised to learn that the overwhelming majority of Cremona makers do not exhibit there.

A place to visit will certainly be the Teatro Filodrammatici (near the public gardens) where the Italian Association of Violinmaking (A.L.I.) will hold an exhibition where you can try out the instruments in peace and quiet.

September 9, 2017, 8:53 AM · I was last there about 15 years ago. I saw a beautiful double case, for a reasonable price, by Mr Musafia. I still kick myself that I didn't buy it, or introduce myself!

Cheers Carlo

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September 9, 2017, 8:29 PM · I was at Mondomusica in New York a few years back, but it sounds like the show in Cremona is very different. Personally, I wandered the exhibit hall trying everything I could get my hands on. The number of contemporary instruments on exhibit was overwhelming, though; there, I focused on makers who had won tone awards or were otherwise notable. Tried a nice David Burgess, among others!
Edited: September 9, 2017, 11:26 PM · Here's the exhibitor list for the 2017 edition:


It looks like maybe 1 in 10 Cremona violin maker is there. Most big names are absent, as is the Consortium of Cremona Violin Makers and the Italian Association of Violinmaking (A.L.I.).

But that's unimportant, as they are all in town anyway and things will be going full swing. I've given the address of where to find the A.L.I. in my post above; the Consortium can be found on Piazza Stradivari 1.

The weather in Cremona at the end of September usually is quite pleasant and anyone who would like some personal restaurant recommendations can contact me privately.


September 10, 2017, 3:06 AM · I have been visiting Mondomusica for many years now. As said before, there are many more great makers to visit in the city who don't exhibit in the fiere, but also some makers that you shouldn't miss inside the exhibition, like Danielle Tonarelli, Charles Coquet or Gonzalo Bayolo to name a few, some of them awarded with medals in past Triennale Cremona Competitions. And of course, don't miss Bears and Florian Leonhard, they always bring a fantastic collection of old and modern instruments.
September 10, 2017, 7:30 AM · I usually go to Mondomusica with my luthier, just to find some discounted "something", like pieces of wood, some interesting accessory, etc.
Not much more......

Seeing and testing violins/bows/etc is rather unuseful, IMHO :)

September 10, 2017, 12:56 PM · I think that Mondomusica (at least in the NYC incarnation I went to) offered an unparalleled opportunity to try a lot of violins and bows all at once. The show floor is noisy, but it's not so noisy that you can't hear yourself -- although sometimes you can really tell that some violin has amazing projection because it carries above everything else!

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