Violin/Piano duet

July 13, 2005 at 05:08 AM · I played Ave Maria with another person at the piano and my friend on the violin. It was very popular at the concert, even though it was very simple to play.

I already know of Greensleeves, but I was looking for maybe other very nice ones?

Please excuse my english =u_u=;

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July 13, 2005 at 09:59 AM · I reccomend you two duets from Bedrich Smetana(Friedrich Smetana), From My Homeland(Aus der Heimat, Z Domoviny). They are really beautiful, I think even Perlman recorded them..

and violin and piano parts are very well balanced

July 13, 2005 at 10:15 PM · Thank you!

July 14, 2005 at 08:31 AM · I have played the Bach concerto for two violins and piano. It is very fun and impressive and not too hard. It is about 5th grade violin-but it is more of a duet between two violins and piano accompaniment.

July 14, 2005 at 09:07 AM · I would offer the Schubert's Duo in A , it's wonderful.

July 14, 2005 at 09:33 AM ·

July 14, 2005 at 10:33 AM · Grieg sonata no 3,is very very nice

Prokofiev sonata no 1

Brahms all 3 sonatas

Kreisler,Schoen Rosmarin,Liebesleid,Liebesfreud


there are so many pieces for violin and piano...i cann tell u more if u wish

July 23, 2007 at 04:37 PM · Thought I would bump this thread up - I am looking for a 10 minute violin / piano duet for an upcoming performance. I've made a note of the posts so far but wanted to know if there were more suggestions. I'm really looking for something more along the lines of a duet - not violin solo with piano accompaniment. Thanks!

July 23, 2007 at 04:56 PM · Try - you have to pay for what you download.

Especially look at the violin/piano sonatas. It depends on the skill level of you two, but the Handel sonatas should be OK - and a couple of the Mozarts are very nice. And then there are hundreds of others by other composers.

July 23, 2007 at 05:14 PM · Thanks! I'll check out the website. If it helps, the pianist is a professional performer/teacher, and I guess I'd call myself an advanced amateur.

January 2, 2012 at 03:10 AM · Brian Crain's "Piano and Violin Duet" Sheet music at

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