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Has anyone tried bows by Water Violet?

Instruments: looking for opinions on Water Violet bows.

From Judy Terwilliger
Posted September 18, 2005 at 06:47 AM

My local music store just got in some bows manufactured by the Water Violet company of Brazil. They are in the $300 - $700 range and seemed really nice for the money. I was impressed with what the company is also doing for the community and environment. Has anyone here had any experience with them? Thanks.

From Jim W. Miller
Posted on September 18, 2005 at 08:40 AM
W.V. bows stamped Carlesso are the only low-priced bows Carl Becker recommends. Also, I bought one myself after going through a dozen or so bows in various ranges, because it had the property of vibrating in my hand while playing, something I've discussed with others here offline. Not that I play that much anymore. Not at all actually. I just thought it was a real cool bow. I wouldn't doubt the Brazillian companies are doing what they say they are regarding the environment, but I've seen people doubting the value of it, aside from the public relations benefits.
From meir sinetar
Posted on September 18, 2005 at 09:58 AM
well i did buy one because hand made bow starts wiht $ 1000 and a one by famous will cost $ 2000 and up
and this hand made cost me about $500 include tax.my teacher says it pretty good and heavy i chose a 60 g one the balance is not bad but the main thing is that prices in israel very high cause not much lutherians bottom line for an amature is a good one hand made for a pro maybe better to buy in lutherian where you can test it
From Angelo Eftimeo
Posted on September 22, 2005 at 09:06 PM
Water Violet and Arcos Brasil are the top 2 Brazilian bow manufacturers, and both have very good bows at reasonable prices. As always make sure the bow you select is right for you, but bows from both of these companies are usually well made and decently priced.


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