Rare violin bow by Francois Peccatte for sale

January 28, 2013 at 07:04 PM · It is with great regret that I must sell this very great bow. I have not owned it for terribly long, but something I have been waiting for has come up for sale, so my hand has been forced. Now, onto the details!

Fittings: The frog and button are contemporary replacements, made in the style of Francois Peccatte. The frog is mounted in silver with a simple parisian eye and the lapping is silver wire. The button is two silver rings with ebony in the middle.

Weight: It weighs 58 grams and is very well balanced. This is a bow that won't tire out your hand when playing the Bach Chaconne.

Playing Characteristics: Truly first rate. This is a bow for the concert stage as it is not over heavy, nor overly light. Once you get used to that characteristic pre-Voirin, old French style, you will be fascinated by the possibilities of this bow. I've never found it so easy to play ricochet. Bazzini feels controllable with this bow. The stick is supple, yet has an ideal amount of resistence for digging in.

Sound: I recently had the opportunity to play on a fine Tourte, which was a great experience. This Peccatte compared very well sound wise. The owner of the Tourte was quite impressed. Peccattes are known to have wide hair bands and this bow is no exception; it contributes to a rich, buttery sound. It makes a notable sound difference, especially on the lower end. Sounds great in a small room and terrific in a hall.

Condition: The condition is good and the stick is unstamped. The stick is in good shape with only a small blemish on the audience side of the head. The cambre is also a little high and one needs to tighten it a decent amount. It could probably use some more cambre at some point, but that is a minimal issue. It plays well as it stands.

Price: The price is a bargain. I got it at a great price due to the needs of the former owner, so I would like to pass on the savings to a good violinist looking for a great bow at a great price. It is also certified.

Bows by Francois Peccatte are quite rare, due to the fact that he died in his mid 30s. He never quite had the chance to prove himself, yet he left behind some great sticks. He also worked with his brother Dominique and their bows can easily be confused, though it is an issue that is becoming less common nowadays. There is a Francois Peccatte listed on Ifshin that was posted for a few years as a Dominique Peccatte and it has been recently changed to Francois. It goes to show that it still happens these days.

Please contact me if you are interested in this special bow!

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April 15, 2013 at 02:37 AM ·

June 13, 2014 at 02:08 PM · Hi Jeremy, is your bow still available? can you please send me photos of your Francois Peccatte? thanks in advance... - here's my email: joson_upou@yahoo.com

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