Hopf Family Violin, Klingenthal, C. 1820

January 15, 2010 at 04:13 AM ·


A fine old early 19th century Hopf family violin. The violin is a rare and original early Hopf violin. It was made by a member of the Hopf family in Klingenthal around 1820. The size is a fullsize, the bodylenth is 35.5 cm. This rare violin is a fine masterpiece instrument not to be confused with manufactured instruments of significantly lower quality (stamped Hopf) or the recent 20th century Hopf factory brand. Hopf instruments are known to have an excellent sound and this violin is definitely one of the best sounding instruments!
 The violin follows the typical squary Hopf model. The back is a one piece back. The beautiful varnish has a wonderful patina. The color is a light golden brown color, transparent enough to show the beautiful grains of the wood. The varnish is worn at the common places. The violin is well preserved and does not have any soundpost or bassbar cracks. There are several repairs on top but none of them critical or in the soundpost/bassbar region. The back, ribs and scroll are undamaged. The scroll is grafted.
The violin has a new setup with a fine new luthier-made bridge, a new soundpost, a new tailpiece and chinrest.
The violin has a rich and outstanding sophisticated sound suitable for solo players and professional players. The beautiful sound is powerful yet textured, being warm and full in the lower ranges and bright, sweet in the higher registers. The violin projects instantly and the sound is perfectly balanced.  I don't play this violin often so the new player will have to "break it" in again! 
As with the bows I sell, 10 day return period for any reason and 30 days if your expert doesn't agree with the maker.

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January 15, 2010 at 06:02 PM ·

$3500 including used Bobelock case with blue velvet interior.  If you want to add a bow to the package please check out www.jonathanfrohnen.com/bows.html and I will take 15% off your bow purchase.   J

February 26, 2010 at 07:58 PM ·

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